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Sunday Drive : Half Moon Bay

28 Apr

So… we were a tad bored on Sunday (yes, that was Easter Sunday)… after having already battled boredom on Saturday, we decided to head out.

At first, we were going to hit the movie theater to see Bradley Cooper in “Limitless”… BUT… our car just kept driving!

We headed up Whipple, then cut over on the Avenue of the Fleas 🙂 (avenida de las pulgas) towards the 280… when we got there, we drove OVER the 280 and are so happy we did!

We came across rolling green hills, and trees, next to a big lake… and a single Blue House! WHAT!? Who lives there? Wow fantastic for them!

Signs…! One point to Half Moon Bay… so we turn and went!

It was a complete joy to my heart to see the Ocean!!!! AH!!!!! Breathing sigh of relief!

HMB is a beautiful place… much smaller than I had imagined it to be… and really cute little stores and eateries.

Pay to Park at all the Beaches though 😦

The Photo, taken with my phone’s camera, is from Pillar Point (a bit North on Hwy 1) looking towards Half Moon Bay.


Half Moon Bay from Pillar Point

Monterey Farms Artichokes! Found ’em!

24 Apr

Dano and I are in love with these delicious artichoke hearts (ArtiHearts)… flavored in Herbal, BBQ, or Grilled! We would get our weekly supply at Jimbo’s… Naturally! when we lived in Encinitas. After moving to the Bay Area, I noticed that our local (Redwood City) Whole Foods did not carry them! This REALLY surprised me, as we live so much closer to Monterey now!

So, I called them up and Jane, the owner, was extremely nice and appreciative of me seeking out her product… she told me a few stores to try in our ‘new’ area… and we can even order them on-line now… YAY!

Try to find them in your area… Check a Whole Foods or ask your Natural Grocer to carry them… in the produce, and sometimes cheese, section, as they are a chilled product. You will not be disappointed!
We use them for breakfast with eggs, in salads (green salads or chicken salads), on our GF pizza, I even mix them with Yogurt or Chevre Cheese for a wonderful dip/spread!

**UPDATE** January 2012
The Whole Foods in Redwood City is now carrying these goodies!!
My hubby noticed them in the produce section along the wall with the pre-packed salads, veg, fruit!

Chinook Bookin’ : Cafe Gratitude

18 Apr

Yum Yum!!! Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Delish! Produce comes farm-fresh tended by Cafe Gratitude itself!

A perfectly wonderful Birthday meal! We’ve only visited a handful of vegan eateries in our time… and this one, by far, takes the GF, Vegan Cake! We brought along a vegetarian friend of ours and she had a great time.

I’ve known of Cafe Gratitude ever since I’d heard about the board-game they sell… Danilo and I hosted a Mind-Heart-Media event a few years ago… showcasing video-games, movies, books, and the board game Shift ( Someone in attendance told us about Cafe Gratitude… I quickly looked it up on-line and found it that it was a fun little ‘affirmation’ cafe.  I was So Happy to see a coupon for this place in my new Chinook Book!

I ordered a Coconut Smoothie, amoung many items… so I told the darling server that I Am Grace! 🙂  When the smoothie was delivered to our table… I was told You Are Grace!! FUN! 🙂

MAN! That was one of the BEST Coconut Smoothies I’ve ever had!

I also had an I Am Dazzling (Ceaser Salad) with Almond Croutons and Brazil Nut Parmesan… Refreshing!

For Dessert… I Am Adoring (of course!) (Tiramisu)… This was such a delight, as I am Gluten-Free and no longer eat cow’s cheese, this was such a fantastic rare treat!

The table ordered an I Am Abundant appetizer sampler… We are, indeed, Abundant. Dano’s smoothie was the I Am Lucious Chocolate Smoothie (and he is!)… Our friend, Jen ordered a Biryani special, so good!

Worth a visit! As you can see from the photo (the menu) the prices are a bit high… though the food is fantastic!

Chinook Book Offer : One Free Entree with the Order of 2nd Entree

Chinook Book… What is it!?

11 Apr

So… having Portland as a hometown… I’ve been aware of the Chinook Book, but had never seen one for sale in San Diego area (they have a different, but similar form of this kind of book.)

It’s basically like an Entertainment Book, but Eco… thus, IMO, it’s WAY cooler… businesses that want to participate in the book have to fulfil a survey kinda’ in proof that they are ‘Eco’!  Happened upon one while shopping at Whole Foods and had to pick one up, as I knew it would help us learn about businesses, services, eateries, etc. that are akin to what we look for.

Soooo… I’ll be posting Reviews from places with coupons in the book that we visit… Look for “Chinook Bookin’ ” for these reviews! 🙂

Where is Chinook Book popular? ~ Bay Area ~ Portland ~ Denver ~ Seattle ~ Twin Cities ~

Hey Hey!

5 Apr

This is my first Bloggity Blog Blog Blog… and I’m excited about how much fun it will be! I look forward to reviewing sights, eats, stays, and more!

We moved to the Bay Area just five days before my birthday! So, I’ll be starting my blog around that event and the eatery and things we did that day! Stay tuned….

Thanks, Elan