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Chinook Book… What is it!?

11 Apr

So… having Portland as a hometown… I’ve been aware of the Chinook Book, but had never seen one for sale in San Diego area (they have a different, but similar form of this kind of book.)

It’s basically like an Entertainment Book, but Eco… thus, IMO, it’s WAY cooler… businesses that want to participate in the book have to fulfil a survey kinda’ in proof that they are ‘Eco’!  Happened upon one while shopping at Whole Foods and had to pick one up, as I knew it would help us learn about businesses, services, eateries, etc. that are akin to what we look for.

Soooo… I’ll be posting Reviews from places with coupons in the book that we visit… Look for “Chinook Bookin’ ” for these reviews! 🙂

Where is Chinook Book popular? ~ Bay Area ~ Portland ~ Denver ~ Seattle ~ Twin Cities ~