Chinook Bookin’ : Cafe Gratitude

18 Apr

Yum Yum!!! Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Delish! Produce comes farm-fresh tended by Cafe Gratitude itself!

A perfectly wonderful Birthday meal! We’ve only visited a handful of vegan eateries in our time… and this one, by far, takes the GF, Vegan Cake! We brought along a vegetarian friend of ours and she had a great time.

I’ve known of Cafe Gratitude ever since I’d heard about the board-game they sell… Danilo and I hosted a Mind-Heart-Media event a few years ago… showcasing video-games, movies, books, and the board game Shift ( Someone in attendance told us about Cafe Gratitude… I quickly looked it up on-line and found it that it was a fun little ‘affirmation’ cafe.  I was So Happy to see a coupon for this place in my new Chinook Book!

I ordered a Coconut Smoothie, amoung many items… so I told the darling server that I Am Grace! 🙂  When the smoothie was delivered to our table… I was told You Are Grace!! FUN! 🙂

MAN! That was one of the BEST Coconut Smoothies I’ve ever had!

I also had an I Am Dazzling (Ceaser Salad) with Almond Croutons and Brazil Nut Parmesan… Refreshing!

For Dessert… I Am Adoring (of course!) (Tiramisu)… This was such a delight, as I am Gluten-Free and no longer eat cow’s cheese, this was such a fantastic rare treat!

The table ordered an I Am Abundant appetizer sampler… We are, indeed, Abundant. Dano’s smoothie was the I Am Lucious Chocolate Smoothie (and he is!)… Our friend, Jen ordered a Biryani special, so good!

Worth a visit! As you can see from the photo (the menu) the prices are a bit high… though the food is fantastic!

Chinook Book Offer : One Free Entree with the Order of 2nd Entree


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