Sunday Drive : Half Moon Bay

28 Apr

So… we were a tad bored on Sunday (yes, that was Easter Sunday)… after having already battled boredom on Saturday, we decided to head out.

At first, we were going to hit the movie theater to see Bradley Cooper in “Limitless”… BUT… our car just kept driving!

We headed up Whipple, then cut over on the Avenue of the Fleas 🙂 (avenida de las pulgas) towards the 280… when we got there, we drove OVER the 280 and are so happy we did!

We came across rolling green hills, and trees, next to a big lake… and a single Blue House! WHAT!? Who lives there? Wow fantastic for them!

Signs…! One point to Half Moon Bay… so we turn and went!

It was a complete joy to my heart to see the Ocean!!!! AH!!!!! Breathing sigh of relief!

HMB is a beautiful place… much smaller than I had imagined it to be… and really cute little stores and eateries.

Pay to Park at all the Beaches though 😦

The Photo, taken with my phone’s camera, is from Pillar Point (a bit North on Hwy 1) looking towards Half Moon Bay.


Half Moon Bay from Pillar Point


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