Bee Kind Honey… Yum!

3 May

What do you use honey for!? I love honey so much, I use it in many ways… obviously in my tea with milk! In my Coleslaw, to make honey-mustard mayo to go with various finger foods, I even use it on my face as a moisturizing mask!

I was so excited when we encountered Bee Kind Honey  at the The Ferry Building in the city… Oh Yummy! Great flavors and nice Local varieties!

The company itself is located in Sebastapol… which is a place I planned to take a Day Trip too… you bet I’m going to head over to Bee Kind!

They even have Beekeeping Classes… which immediately made me think of Chuck in the show “Pushing Daisies” 🙂

So… What Honey did we get!?!?

We got a delightful Local honey ‘San Francisco Bay Wildflower’ and a Chai infused honey ‘Chai High’…  I had No Idea how I was going to use the Chai Honey, I just knew I had to have it! Well, Dano and I have taken to dipping our Glutino GF Pretzels sticks into it! Luckily, I just got a bunch of Yams delivered in our CSA Produce box… I think I’ll drizzle the Chai Honey over the top of cooked yams. Ah! That sounds great!

So? How do you use honey? Have you found a nice local supply?


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