Out for the Support! Aids Life Cycle : Ride to End Aids

5 Jun

… we got up SO early (not typical for us to start the day at 6am!)… we stood on cement and cheered (throat sore now) and clapped (wrists aching) for about 3hrs straight… AND it was kinda’ cold out…

But guess what… We LOVED it… we were there to support our friend, David Rogers, as he and his friends, Angela & Jeffery… began their first day of seven to ride over 500 miles in a Benefit Ride to End Aids!!! This is his 3rd year riding, I’m so proud of him. If he and the many riders joining in the ride can do it… then we could certainly give them 3hrs of our time and cheers!!! 🙂

This was one thing that made me happy about being in the Bay Area… that Dano and I could head out to support the 2,400 riders for this event!

We had a fun time the previous weekend, as we drove along the route the riders would be taking, so that we could find just the ride spot to cheer and support from the sidelines! We ended up picking the corner of Hayne Road as it drops down towards Sawyer Camp Trail off Hwy 280… super great trail too!

It was a great day and it was a fun adventure!! 🙂

A bit more about David and his adventure can be found here :



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