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Eatin’ Out : Brandy Ho’s, Castro SF

30 Jul

So… I am not a Chinese Food lover… Dano totally¬† is… we don’t go to Chinese often, but when we hear about good Chinese then we’ll head out…
Dano had heard that Brandy Ho’s was fantastic on Greg Proops podcast…
Since we were going to be in the Castro at Delores Park for our Flash Mob meet-up … we looked up to see if there was a location nearby…. we were in luck and, so, we hit Brandy Ho’s afterwards.

YUM!!! I actually do find myself craving some of their dishes!!! and That’s saying somethin’!

Tops on my list : The Smoked Chicken!
and Shrimp Fried Rice… actually had big shrimp (not itty bitty shrimp)!

I’m gluten-free, but I can handle soy sauce (I think because it’s fermented *shrug*?)…
so, when I asked about the soups/dumplings in regards to this… they became very attentive to my gluten-sensitivity and were ready to even not let me eat any soy sauce! Hee hee! I thought that was pretty cool!

I look forward to trying out the original location as well.