Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage

28 Aug

Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage

Recently visited this super fun ‘garage’ full of fancy, old hot rods! YAY! I was in heaven…
I *love* cars, and old cars at that, my dad is an Auto Body guy after all.

Dano really liked this place also … so so so so many great cars to look at… so so so so many great and fun memorabilia to look at!

They have an old 50’s diner, an old ‘gas’ station, a juke box, and vintage Coke machines…. and a row of pinball machines.

It’s available for Corporate and Special Events.

Why were we there?

A special event involving Celebrating the Life for our neighbor and friend, Deb.
As you all know, we’ve only lived in the Bay Area since April… but Deb, her partner Kat, and their sweet little doggies were instant friendly neighbors!

We learned that Deb was undergoing Chemo for Breast Cancer… though she always looked well and full of vibrant energy.

Sadly, a kind of infection claimed Deb’s body last month… though her energy, spirit and love lives on in her family and partnership with Kat, including a new little baby girl they had finally been able to adopt!

Deb had Triple Negative Breast Cancer… I had not heard of this strain before… so at her Life Celebration the Triple Step organization was present to education, accept donations, and honor Deb’s life.

Triple Step For the Cure

We’d never been to a Celebration of Life before, but have heard people speak about them.
It was so different than a wake after a funeral.

It was a beautiful event with gorgeous photos of Deb & Kat smiling and in such true love
… Dano and I got an opportunity to learn a bit more about who Deb was, what she liked to do, and what she was passionate about.

It was really sweet, and though people were sad, there were tender memories in their smiling faces.


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