Eatin’ Out : Refuge, San Carlos

3 Sep


When someone says “Let’s go have pastrami.” I stick out my tongue and make the ‘gross’ face… I do not like pastrami!

So… when our friend mentioned Refuge to us for an impromptu dinner, I immediately said “Do they have salads?” (I’m gluten-free and certainly didn’t want a pastrami sandwich – ack!)

His response!? “Yes, they have a great pastrami salad!”

Double Ack! Ha ha ha ha ha!

So, we get there… pretty cute, ‘urban-like’ place and really hoppin’ for Thursday at about 8pm.

I decide my hubby and I are going to share a salad (so that he can eat all the nasty pastrami.)

We get our salad… the pastrami actually looks yummy… but looks aren’t everything…

I take a wee little bite… YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking awesome good pastrami!! 🙂

I quickly ask my husband, “So, are you gonna order a sandwich for yourself  then? Because the salad is all mine, baby!” 🙂

The food is good, but spendy!
They also close kinda’ early too… but we are in the ‘burbs not in the City.

The Pot D’ Creme desserts come in Chocolate and Butterscotch…
they are both nice and creamy… though we’ve had better Chocolate Pot D’ Creme at Ruth’s Chris a few years ago.

Bonus : We spotted Rubeus Hagrid! 😉
Photo : In the background in the booth…


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