Adventurin’ : Ghiradelli Square & Kara’s Cupcakes

16 Sep

Out having a lovely dinner with friends for Dano’s birthday… we take an impromptu trip to Ghiradelli Square for desserts, but of course!!

Dano and I have been there before, when we were newly dating! It was so fun to go back there and see the beautiful changes that have taken place in the Square… as I write this, I realize it’s also a nice reflection of the beautiful changes that have taken place in mine and Dano’s relationship!!

This was a fun visit to the Sqaure… (check out the 4 images in slide show below)
~ They now have a Kara’s Cupcakes , which sells a few varieties of Gluten-Free cups! Yum!
When I saw the store, I said “Yay!” like a little girl & our friends thought that was so funny! πŸ™‚
(See the pic below to see the cupcakes starting to have a little bit of fun with each other πŸ˜‰

~ I got to eat a gigantic chocolate bar… well… not really… but pretending was very, very fun!

~ We, also, got to take a peek at some original chocolate making machinery!! So fascinating!

Ghiradelli Square is obviously a Must-See when visiting San Francisco! πŸ™‚

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