Adventurin’ : SF Zoo

21 Nov

So… shortly after moving here, Dano’s co-worker and a few of her friends invited us to go to the San Francisco Zoo with them! It was a nice (but cold 😉 day in May) and it was wonderful to meet new friends!

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I can’t write this post without some mention of the San Diego Zoo, and in particular, their SD Zoo Safari Park (formerly the SD Zoo Wild Animal Park)… which is a truly wonderful adventure!!! After having been a member of the SD Zoological Society for a number of years, I can fully understand *why* they say “You belong at the Zoo… The San Diego Zoo!” 🙂

However… for what the SF Zoo lacks in size and such… they make up for it in many ways!

~ The entrance is directly off of Hwy 1… across the street from waves rolling in… that’s pretty cool!
~ They have plenty of Animal Keepers and Staff on-site that are ready and happy to answers questions and speak with visitors!
~ They have a Family Petting Zoo area!!!
Where one goat will lightly head-butt you to get more food! Ha! I think I even became a ‘food tease’ because I thought that was So Funny!
~ We learned, from talking to the Zoo Peeps, the stories (sometimes heart-breaking) of the rescued animals!
It turns out that the SF Zoo brings in animals that have been hurt out in the wild… minding their own business and out in their natural habitat, they have been harmed by humans… :{
That is a truly wonderful aspect of the SF Zoo that I can support!

Have a look at some of the great animals we got to see… rather up close actually!


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