Adventurin’ : Chinatown Ghost Tour

29 Dec

During the short stint of Facebook Deals, I was able to grab this great deal to head out for a Chinatown Ghost Tour!
Dano was so excited! We added it into our events for the Halloween month of October!

The tour starts out at Four Seas Restaurant on Grant Ave… Our Tour guide was Ruby… she was super-duper great, really funny, and very informative!

Not only did we learn about the areas of Chinatown that are meant to have activity and why, but we received a wonderful historical tour as well!
Most fun, was that we were deep in Chinatown (with a guide) on a late Saturday night… this gave us such a fascinating view of ‘true’ Chinatown!!! The hidden secrets of what games take place in the alleys and special events in the parks!

So amazing were the bricks used in the buildings! After the time of the earthquake and big fire… there was not enough money or material around to completely rebuild from scratch… and there were remaining bricks that were still OK to use, but were just a little fire damaged… well, basically MELTED, but still in ‘brick shape’… so they reused these beautiful melted bricks… this gives the buildings such a delicious and characteristic facade!!!

Though we had our ghost investigating equipment… we did not get much activity… or rather we got a TON of EMF activity… Dano’s meter was constantly at the high end (in the red)…  though it just seems that there is a great deal of truly electrical energy running though Chinatown.

One point to note… while Ruby was talking about her late-mother in an alley way that housed a beauty salon, in which a photo of Ruby’s mother in a Beauty Pageant hung, my EMF meter flicked back and forth numerous times!!

Afterwards, we were treated to a fun, little magic show!

It’s a fun tour… worth a visit!


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