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Adventurin’ : Patterson House, Ardenwood Farm (pt. 2)

6 Jan

As promised… Part 2 of the Ardenwood Historic Farm visit… discussing the Patterson House tour!

We visited in Mid-December to go on a tour of the Eucalyptus Grove when the Monarch Butterflies spend their time in their Over-Wintering Phase… have a peek at the 1st part blog here :

After our butterfly tour, we went on the tour of the historic Victorian, the Patterson House.
Originally built in 1857 as a Farm house  in which that last Patterson resided until the mid-1960’s…
thereby housing three generations of the family!!
The home and surrounding land is now a Park!
It is a wonderful setting for picnicking, lovely strolls, interacting with animals and touring the home.
As well, during the ‘active’ Summer season, they have many activities that include little train rides AND an active blacksmith workshop!! I’m very excited to visit during the ‘season’! (That will likely be a part 3 blog post!)

George Patterson came out to California to take advantage of the gold rush… that didn’t work out quite as planned… so after working a bit, in other ventures, he’d gathered enough money to buy a farm and home! The farm was very fertile. He and his wife were able to expand onto the small farmhouse and create a gorgeous white Victorian.

The Docent was super informative and fun, she really took on as much of the persona of the home as possible… and was able to interact with all ages of group!

The land itself is home to chickens, goats, cows, and more which we did not see during this visit. Though there are certainly peacocks… we saw a lovely one milling about the front lawn while were were there!!

Of course, Dano did pull out his EMF meter to take a few readings to see what activity there might be… not really much except for a great old house.

My favorite photos below are of the Exterior of the home itself, an artist’s painting of the home, AND in the kitchen was a a list of foods from Way Back When… I had NO idea Welch’s Grape Juice has been around since 1872!!!!! WOW!!! 🙂

Some other food surprises :
Jello 1897
Animal Crackers 1902
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 1917