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Eatin’ Out : Betty’s Eat Inn, Santa Cruz

21 Jan

This place is TOO awesome… I was drawn to it by its 50’s-style decor… I SO love that!

Then Dano and I fell in love with the Naughty side of Betty’s! 🙂

The sign is a sure sign of what’s in store : “Juicy Patties, Hot Buns!

We stepped into a burger joint that features fantastic art, typically conceptualized by Betty, herself…  and half a Silver Twinkie (aka : Airstream Trailer) along one side of the dining room!

We ordered Burgers, of course, a wedge salad, sweet potato fries, Coke, and a shake!
Every thing was wonderful… the fries were insane… the burgers were so surprisingly flavorful!
Since I ordered my cheeseburger without a bun, I kinda’ had a burger salad vs. the lettuce-wrapped ‘protein style’, I get elsewhere… regardless, it was Fab-U-Lous!! 🙂

The story on the menu is pretty insane itself, I had to ask if it was true… and was told that, indeed, it is Betty’s true story!

As for the naughty side of the menu!?
~ How about a little secret lube on your burger?
~ An “Adult” shake anyone?

I relish a fun, little naughty side any day! 🙂