Eatin’ Out : Penny Ice Creamery, Santa Cruz

5 Feb


Delicious, Unusually flavored Ice Cream, made from scratch, in house, with local ingredients!  COOL!

We decided to end our first visit to Santa Cruz with a bit of ice cream from Penny Ice Creamery… so glad we did!

With flavors like Orange Star Anise, Creme Fraiche, Blackpepper Quince, and Honey Yogurt Walnut Jam… it’s difficult to stop yourself at just two flavors. When I have ice cream, I like to small bowl with 2 flavors that combine well together… thereby getting 3 different flavors!

In this case, I ordered Creme Fraiche and Orange Star Anise… Gourmet Orange Creamsicle!! 🙂
Dano ordered Chocolate Sorbet… what an Intense Flavor!!

On the menu they list where the local ingredients are from! I think the menu changes routinely!

The price is a bit steep… but for that rare treat… it’s indeed doable!



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