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Adventurin’ : the “Grimm” House, Portland, OR

23 Mar

Yeah… so I’m kind of a geek when it comes to movies/TV… Trivia and Filming Locations and Continuity and such! 🙂

So… When we flew into Portland from SFO to visit family… I was excited to know that we’d get to see the location of Nick’s house on “Grimm“.

With family in the ‘know’ … we asked them to show us  ‘the Grimm house’…  there was confusion about if we meant Nick or Monroe’s house! I thought that was cool, since we really like Monroe, the Blutbad, and he’s become such an important part of “Grimm”.
We headed off to Nick’s place… it’s located in a beautiful neighborhood of Portland and it’s actually inhabited, must be quite an event to deal with when your own home is transformed into the set for a TV show!

I’ve always been in awe about how camera angles and set-dressing can transform a location… i.e. where I expected to see a driveway, there was a street… and that the house was at a higher elevation than it looks to be in the show. So Fun!

So… that was a fun trip celebrating with family over new to be born babies… and getting a little Hollywood in… Or, actually, I’ll say Portlandwood! 🙂


Cookin’ : Crackin’ the Cheese Wheel, RWC Whole Foods

16 Mar

If you’ve had a chance to spend some time with me or cook with me… you’ll soon learn that I love cheese! LOVE! 🙂
If my grocery shopping trip could consist of just standing around the cheese counter sampling cheese, I’d be a happy little camper!

Therefore, when I heard that Whole Foods Markets’ was hosting “The Crack Heard ‘Round the World : Royal Cheese Event” , I made sure Dano knew we were going! He said, “Of course we are!”… he’s such a great hubby!

On Sat, March 10th @ Noon (3pm Eastern)… basically local time around the US, Canada, UK… all stores simultaneously cracked open a large round of 24-mth aged Parmigiano Reggiano… with sampling afterwards!It looks like a few WF Markets got into the spirit by also adding an Opening Competition to the day!
Including our local store in Redwood City! FUN!
I staked out are spot directly in front of the cheesy table!
Admired the awesome “King of Cheese” chalk drawing by WH Team Member, Joey.
(He’s a great artist with work throughout the store… but I have yet to meet him in person!)Count Down began… followed closely by the cheese throwdown!
So Fun to watch!
Check out the photos below… and see Whole Foods blog for suggestions on using Parmigiano Reggiano… It’s not just for shredding anymore!!


King of Cheese Artwork by Joey!

The Tools of the Cheesy Trade!

Workin' the Rounds Open!


Adventurin’ : PDX, Portland, OR

9 Mar

Surely you’ve heard someone at some time say “Oh man, I love Portland, Oregon!”

If you’ve had a chance to explore the place spoken about, then you, yourself, may have fallen in love with Portland!
It truly is a unique and interesting place… and, not to be missed, city!

One of my favorite things about going to Portland is flying into PDX… it is the best airport I’ve ever encountered so far… and I’m not biased here just because Portland is my hometown… it really is a great, comfortable, and welcoming airport! And, yes, I have been to a number of airports, so my experience is not limited either! 🙂

I always love walking through the Alaska Air terminal upon arrival and seeing what new and beautiful artwork will be welcoming us. Dano and I flew in on March 2nd, 2012 and I was blown away by the current installments that I had to stop to take a few photos! Please see the artistic beauty below!

The Artist exhibits were :
~ Brenda Mallory’s  three-dimensional  “Mechanics of Hither and Yon”
~ James Dupree’s very colorful “Evolving Elements II”

THEN… as one walks into the main terminal, where, of course, you will encounter a Starbucks welcoming your sense of smell… your ears will also be welcomed with live musicians! You might hear a pianist, or a guitarist, once we heard a harpist! 🙂
Where o’ where, will you be enchanted by delightful piano tunes played by a gentleman wearing a simple Oregon Hoodie!? PDX, That’s where!! 🙂

The wonderfulness of  PDX does not just stop at the Artwork and Music… No Way… You may also shop for Made in Oregon gifts or hit The Real Mothergoose for artistically crafted goods, don’t forget shopping for good ole’ Oregon staples at Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and Powell’s Books!

Don’t forget your tummy… there are some great eateries in PDX… some Portland favorites that can be found within the Airport are Pizza Schmizza, Stanford’s, and Gustav’s Pub & Grill!

NOW… if they would just add a Burgerville to the Arrivals gate… all balance would be restored!! 🙂
(since, there is not yet a Burgerville within PDX, don’t forget to find one… yum!)

Enjoy! You’ll have a blast before you even leave the airport! 🙂
Bring a hoodie, but leave your umbrella at home… as that’s a sure sign of a tourist! 🙂

Chinook Bookin’ : University Art, Palo Alto

1 Mar

I’m gonna be an Auntie!!!! 🙂 YAY!

Actually… I already am an Auntie (for over a decade) to a wonderful group of nieces and nephews from Dano’s siblings… and I love them dearly!
Though, in this case, come April… I’m going to be an Auntie to my own sister’s Baby Girl! So Excited! 🙂

What does this have to do with University Art!?
Well… being the crafty/creative type of person that I am… I needed to stop by a really good Art store to pick up some important items for two projects/gifts I’m giving to my little niece AND my sis & bro-in-law.
(Details of projects coming soon to a post near you… just have to attend the Baby Shower first!)

Chinook Book had a 30% off One Item AND a 20% of entire purchase coupon for University Art…
and I’m so glad, because this Art store is Great!!
So many wonderful products and brands… they had everything I needed for one of my projects and what I need to complete the other project! yay!
They also had so much stuff that Dano, the artistic creative, was in heaven!

We also scored a really fun floor mat for our front door… It’s a Man-Hole cover shape and says “Metro Sewer” 🙂 hee hee!
It’s made with recycled rubber by Don’t Step on Fred…. lol 🙂

If you are in the area and looking for art supplies… be sure to check out University Art!
If you are in the area and looking for gifts… check out their sister/neighbor store… University Art Annex.