We’ve lived here a year already!?!?! Happy Birthday to me!

3 Apr

That went fast… especially since I’ve been having fun filling up on adventures for my SFO Newb blog. 🙂

We moved here last year (2011) within days of my birthday… we relocated because Dano got a great new gig… regardless it was not my birthday wish to leave Sunny SoCal! Though it was high on our list for him to have a stable job…

Not surprisingly… I basically cried daily for awhile after we arrived. However, I knew that truly what is important is for  Dano and me and our sweet doggies to be together and healthy… we could make a wonderful little home here if we were together… plus we were only 30 driving minutes to the City (San Francisco)… and that is so wonderful!

I’ve grown to know the area… we have friends (old and new)… and I’ve been able to locate a Jewelry Studio to work on Heylani Jewelry  pieces!!

All in all… not too bad… every once in a while I still feel like we are adjusting… the weather and beaches are no where near the same as Encinitas.

BUT… 2012 is going to be So Exciting for us… being here and close to some great places will be terrific for us!

* Note *
I’ll still be adding SFO Newb Adventures to the blog… there are lots coming up!
However, I might start adding recipes, creative projects, and other tales to my blog 😉

As alway, Enjoy!

And Thanks!!


2 Responses to “We’ve lived here a year already!?!?! Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Jennifer Flint Designs April 3, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    Can’t wait! So glad you had a nice birthday! 🙂

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