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Adventurin’ : Peninsula Roller Girls, RWC (Roller Derby!)

6 Apr

Yippy! Found out Redwood City (RWC) has their own Roller Derby team!!

Last Summer, at the RWC Salsa Festival, the Peninsula Roller Girls were out in force recruiting and promoting!
It was so fun to see them in their skates and outfits w. fun names printed on the shirts!
They were in the works for securing a local rink for Home Bouts and I anxiously awaited word about it!
Since, they are on Facebook, it was easy to keep up with any news.

On March 25th at the local RWC Roller Rink they went against The Undead Betty’s… Dano & I and a few of our peeps from the Super Cool Club on meetup… went out to cheer on our local Roller Derby team!!!

Last summer, they’d asked me if I was interested in being on the team… at first I thought, ‘No way! I’m too chicken!’.
Though, now after seeing this bout, I have to admit… it looks pretty fun and thrilling!!
AND talk about the Exercise! Whewie, Awesome!

One thing I know for sure… I’m going to have to bone up on the rulebook to even be a spectator! It is a fun sport to watch… but will be that much more fun when I know what the heck is truly going on! 🙂 Even though, I pretty much got the jist of it. 🙂

There are some pretty wickedly fun names out there for these girls…
Take-Out Dinah,
Moose-a-rita (whom has named her booty, Moose Caboose!! classic!),
Fibonacci Sequins,
L.L. Mean,
Fightmaster Flash,
And SO many other great chicks and coaches!!

Makes me wonder…!?!? What would I pick as my Roller Derby name… hmmmm!?! 😉

(though…  I’ll have to wait about 9-12mths more before I could Roller Derby… that’s a ‘sneak peek’ of a future post, wink wink 😉 )