Madonna’s fallen out of favor with me!?!

19 Apr

Yep… it’s true… I’ve realized I’m no longer in love with Madge.

Heck No! I do not expect her to care!

More so, I’m just surprised that I finally figured it out!
Yeah, sure, my interest in her has waned much over the years… but she still remained the Big M in my book.
Until it hit me recently… I don’t like her anymore! *shrug* Sad!

Madonna’s tour will stop in the Bay Area (San Jose) in October 2012… Tickets Sold Out like wildfire… and, surprisingly, I didn’t even consider buying, only had a fleeting second of a thought in which I thought about going.
This, of course, surprised the heck out of me! I’ve gone to her last 3 concerts and am a teen of the 80’s…
more so, it surprised, and secretly delighted my husband, when I declared “Huh! I don’t think I’m interested in her newest tour!” since I would always drag him along!

YEP! I was a huge Madonna fan… Huge! What girl of the 80’s wouldn’t be!? She was a terrific ‘icon’ in her perfect disobedience! She offered us a chance to vicariously be little rebellious Madonnas, likely to the chagrin of parents everywhere.

Obviously, through the years, my musical tastes have changed, though I’d always remained faithful to Madonna. No If’s, And’s or, But’s about it… I’d always have her latest CD (sometimes buying two, the Collector’s version and the Standard Version), I knew every single word in every single one of her songs! For my 31st birthday, Dano even bought me her “SEX” book… Oh My God! That was the perfect gift ever! Well… at that time anyway! 😉

My first Madonna concert was her ReInvention tour… it was terrific… 20yrs of Madonna in the making right in front of my eyes on stage! She honored that with Madonna Classics that made me swoon! I knew all the music and was in heaven!
Next was the Confessions tour… which I loved!
This tour is my favorite of the three I’ve been to and I loved every song off the album that accompanied it.

The last tour saw was the Sticky & Sweet tour… I’d already started falling out of love with Madonna by this time. The music from the accompanying CD was good, but I was not crazy about it. And I realized I’d started skipping her station on my Pandora shuffle! For me… the memorable highlight of this concert was that it was Election Day 2008… she waited to come out on stage… when she stepped out, excited as hell, she declared, “I’m So F*cking Happy Right Now!” … we were right there with her in the excitement!

How did I fall out of love with her!?
What really happened, I think, is that I fell out of love with Madonna as a person. I was flabbergast at the way she was handling her split from Guy Ritchie… of course, I do not know either of them personally… though from interviews with both and some media reports, I feel like I started realizing that Madonna was not the person she could be!! She did not seem to be the truly spiritual and enlightened being she had worked so many years to become.

I spoke about this with a good friend… starting out the conversation by indicating that I was surprised how her divorce was turning out and how she was reacting to it. He simply said, “Are you really surprised though? It’s Madonna!”.
As if that explained everything, she IS Madonna… she DOES what she wants, she GIVES a crap what people think, yadda yadda!!
Then it hit me… and I answered him, “YES! I am surprised, given whom she seems to be with all her spiritual growth and at 50yrs old that she still acts like that!”
He didn’t have a comeback… simply nodded his head in acknowledgement.

So… I know, to some, she’s just a Musician… but I feel a certain loss over falling out of love with her. I am conflicted about not being eager to see her on her new tour (I mean if I won tickets, I wouldn’t throw them away!! Wink wink! 🙂

However, I think I’m done with the New and Unimproved Madonna…
I’ll keep her the way she was and I have my old beat-up CDs to prove it!

This is just what I’ve been feeling lately… and, hey, at least it pertains to the SFO area!  🙂

(BTW… I have not changed allegiances… I’m not a Lady Gaga fan either! Ha ha!)


2 Responses to “Madonna’s fallen out of favor with me!?!”

  1. Jennifer Flint Designs April 19, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    No problem for me, I was never her biggest fan anyway. But oddly, our pet conure seems to love her, as we discovered by accident during the Super Bowl halftime show, when he got all excited over Material Girl. So I guess you’re right – she’s for the birds now! 🙂

    • elanbuendia April 21, 2012 at 9:27 am #

      you are so funny girl!! 🙂

      I was telling my hubby about your comment and he was getting ready to say ‘for the birds’ also 😉

      AH! Sense of humor!! 🙂

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