Science is Fun AND Cute!! :) Quantum Levitation!!

21 Apr

Since 5th grade, my hubby has wanted to do an experiment with superconductors.  He’d seen something about them on TV at that time and wanted to see the effects of using them in person. How fun to get to finally achieve this goal… and I got to help support him with it!

Over the course of a few years Dano has accumulated the required items for this Superconductor Levitation experiment!

He picked up most items on eBay and on-line!
Superconductor discs,  really Strong magnets, Plastic tongs, a Container (we now know, styrofoam would be best), Protective eyewear and cryo-clothing…
PLUS, the expensive item, a Nitrogen Dewar!

Lastly, we needed Nitrogen, which we found out was not as spendy as we expected!
Luckily, we live within less than a mile of an AirGas facility where we can purchase nitrogen… before we were close to an hour away from such a facility… so we just never jump in the car with our Dewar to go procure some Nitrogen!

This is a REALLY fun experiment… IF you want to try it at home please be very safe!!

Without much further ado… Please enjoy our little video experiement :

Quantum Levitation & Superconductor experiments!


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