Food Truckin’ : Aviation Museum & Mobile Gourmet’s ‘Fly me to the food!’

27 Apr

The awesome phenomena of food truck ‘parties’ is new to me… since moving to the Bay Area, we’ve encountered many of these types of events.
Sure, I had food at food trucks in Portland… when it was still just a baby idea… that was fun! But, now, it’s such a big deal… food trucks are becoming a norm for lunch times and weekend jaunts! They serve a limited menu, which is just fine… given that you can’t get overwhelmed by too many offerings on one menu… but you can certainly feel the need to try a little bit of something from a few trucks!!

On Wednesday afternoons, at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos from 11am – 2pm, one can get a sampling of yummy foods from different food trucks… they are changed-up every week… so there’s a chance for a new ‘taste’ each week! This is within a short-distance to Dano’s work and our apartment… so he picked me up one Wed and we headed over to meet up with a few co-workers and snag some grub!

This event is coordinated by The Mobile Gourmet… check out their site for additional events, Friday nights, weekends, etc. AND a list of what trucks will be where!

I walked into the semi-circle of half-dozen trucks thinking I wanted ONLY something from the cheese truck… but then I was hit by all the ideas and smells and actually changed my mind altogether!

We first hit up Mama’s Empanadas… ordering a Veggie (Spinach & Feta) Empanada and a Chilean Beef Empanada with Olive Oil Rice. All of the food from this truck was fab!!
Though there was a bit of a wait… so while our food was prepared we head out in search of other grub.

We stopped at Saruno Burger… in search of a traditional burger… but quickly learned this was a Japanese Style Burger joint (I mean, Truck!) and we were highly intrigued by the Menchi Burger… a breaded & deep-fried ground beef burger served with sliced cabbage!?
The wait at this truck was … forever … sadly!
Though that burger was pretty yummy… I’m torn if the wait is worth the burger or not.

Lastly, we ordered Chicken Tikki Masala Sexy Fries from CurryUpNow…  I mean, come on, how could we not order something from a truck with a name like that!! 🙂
This food was prepared fairly quickly… and it was nummy! Criss-Cut sweet potato fries with the sauce and chicken poured over the top! A tiny bit on the spicy side, but not too bad for my tastes (I’m sorta’ wimpy about spicy food!)
PLUS, CurryUpNow has a coupon in the Chinook Book… may well be a truck we visit again! 😉

SO! Head out and enjoy! The weather’s nice and the trucks are out! 🙂



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