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To grow with Baby! A unique gift for niece-y!

31 May

Literally… the minute I heard from my sister that she was having a baby… my Crafty Auntie hat went on!! 🙂

She is the first grandbaby and my first niece from one of my siblings… she is VERY loved!

I had many ideas… and few far-fetched to pull together in time and few ripe for the making!

The first thing I did, when my sis hit 12wks pregnant, was make a ‘start’ from my beautiful Red-Tipped Jade plant.
I took care of this little start as I knew its ultimate life was to be in my niece’s nursury and grow with her!

That was kinda’ the easy part… the difficult part was finding  just the right planter for this precious little bud.
I looked everywhere, in-person and on-line… I found a few good pieces…
then it hit me, one of my sis’s good friends is a potter!

‘Hey!’ I thought… ‘I’ve got to be in touch with her and see what she thinks about making a custom pot for the plant!’
As luck would have it… she was way into the idea!
We collaborated on the colors and theme surrounding the nursury… it turned out lovely!

Check out Sharon’s Pottery at :

We decided on a white pot, with an orange interior, and a wee pink heart!
I then purchased a bunch of Fine Point Sharpies in coordinating colors and we had Baby Shower attendees and Family write messages to the little girl on the pot itself!

It was a lovely and fun gift idea! My sister and bro-in-law really enjoyed it!
They wrote their messages to baby directly on the heart itself… I love that!

Stay tuned for the other Cool-As Creative gift I made/gave them! 🙂

Enjoy the pics!

Happy 10th Anniversary! Zen Garden Nail Spa – Palo Alto, CA

27 May

Ah! 10 years of wedded bliss… Such a lovely milestone anniversary to achieve!

In honor of our anniversary, my mom and step-dad purchased a couple of luxurious Green Tea pedicures for us!

At first, Dano was basically just willing to go along for the ride… knowing that I would LOVE this kind of treatment!
Then he learned that he did NOT have to get toenail polish, hee hee, of course he already knew this!! 
PLUS, he found out that he’d receive a foot massage with the deal and was keen on the idea… since he has gout, foot massages can sometimes break-up some of the gout forming crystals.

So… we set out to Zen Garden Nail Spa in Palo Alto, CA.
I’d been here before with my mom, which is how she knew about the place to begin with.

I let Dano pick my nail color… he wanted to go with Amethyst or Blue… I was changing from a purple color already, so I decided to go with a cool Blue shade… to honor the new little baby (boy) we are awaiting! 😉

I don’t regularly get pedicures… but after having been here, I might start!
They have fancy massage chairs, pretty green glass foot bowls, and wonderful treatments with foot and leg massages.
The staff is very nice and friendly!
I know Dano had a bit of a nice time… because, well… he fell asleep a number of times!!! 🙂


(this is probably the only time you’ll see me post a cliche’ picture of feet! Unless, I’m sinking my feet into a wonderful sandy beach!)

Max’s of Manila Restaurant, South San Francisco, CA

22 May

Mmmmmm…. This is the kinda’ filipino food restaurant I expect to eat at when we go out for Filipino Food!
Dano was so excited that we were going out for Filipino food he almost started bouncing up and down in the car! 🙂

Max’s Restaurant is an official Filipino place that opened in the 60’s in the Philippines… they have since opened franchised locations all around the islands and in the States. Lucky for us!! 🙂

Dano learned about this place from a pinoy co-worker… so happy he did! We’ve been to a number of filipino places in a number of cities… and always found something good, but left slightly dissapointed. WELL, that is not the case at Max’s… everything was a delight to savor! Mmmm mmm goodness!

We started out with Shanghai Lumpia… of course! Delish!
(Even though it was not GF, I had to give it a little try… though I’m on my way to learning how to make my own GF Lumpia Wrappers… ah! 🙂

Next was Sinigang! I LOVE making Sinigang at home… LOVE it… and I do use lots of lemon and tomoto!
So…when Max’s menu stated their Sinigang to be ‘sour’… I thought, ‘I might be able to handle it.’
Heck yeah I could!! It was SOOO delicious that I just kept eating the broth with the crab fried rice… Man, my mouth is watering  just writing about it. 😉

Add to the table their House-Specialty “Fried Chicken”… So moist and delish!
It is literally a Fried Chicken… whole bird fried up, as is, with no breading!!  That was pretty cool and therefore, it was GF.

We also had Pork Adobe, Green Tea (by Tazo), and Chicken Lumpia (for comparison, good but not as good as Pork.)

We ended our meal with the dessert, Baku Pandan… nummy!
Tapico pearls, Coconut shreds (Macapuno), Pandan Jello, topped with Pandan Ice cream and sprinkled with Toasted Rice. I like!

Of course, we had a lot of leftovers… which made Dano a very happy boy! 🙂

If there is a location near you… head on over… you will be glad you did! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day! at Lisa’s Tea Treasures, Menlo Park, CA

13 May

I’m a sucker for yummy Afternoon Tea!

As I am now 4mths pregnant my fantastic hubby decided to indulge me for Mother’s Day!
So wonderful, he is! 🙂
He found a  wonderfully adorable place in Menlo Park, Lisa’s Tea Treasures.

Super duper cute tea-inspired ambiance, yummy fare, and great tea concoctions!
At our table was a jar of yummy biscuits (cookies), a sugar bowl with a sweet little blue bird shaped sugar lump, lemon curd, strawberry jam, and Devonshire cream*.

Dano ordered the Special Tea service and I ordered the My Lady Respite service.
He had White Pomegranate Tea – So wonderful!
I had Earl Grey Lavender – mmm, like a Spa in a cup!
This was the first time we’d been served tea with Tea Cozies… so cute and kinda’ funny! 🙂

It was nice that we received more than just tiny sandwiches and sweets…
We actually had a pleasant little lunch… with salad and cheese plate… that was followed by the tea sandwiches and scones…
lastly, we were presented with our pick of dessert from a lovely dessert plate.
Dano ordered the Chocolate Truffles (well, actually, he let me order those for him!)… mmmmmmmmm!!!!
(The server even fashioned the truffles with whipped cream & strawberry slice into a little ‘face’ on the plate!)
I ordered the Blood Orange Cheesecake… Delightful!

Such a wonderful afternoon tea… the servers were so nice, all moms were given a cute little ‘tea spoon’… and we were very satiated when we left!

* One Caveat :
They serve Devonshire Cream with Lemon Curd and Strawberry Jam for the scones.
Sadly, it was not the ‘proper’ Devonshire Cream we expected (thick and creamy), rather it was whipped and airy… it had the same taste, just not as ‘presence’ when placed on the scone.

Otherwise, PLEASE Enjoy!!! 🙂

Lastly, if you are a Flight of the Conchords fan… let me just quote from “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros”:
” ‘ Cause I rap about reality,
Like me and my grandma havin’ a cup of tea,
there ain’t no party, like my Nana’s Tea Party!”

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet Mama! As well, as my cute Sissy with her new little 1mth old bundle of joy! 🙂