Happy 10th Anniversary! Zen Garden Nail Spa – Palo Alto, CA

27 May

Ah! 10 years of wedded bliss… Such a lovely milestone anniversary to achieve!

In honor of our anniversary, my mom and step-dad purchased a couple of luxurious Green Tea pedicures for us!

At first, Dano was basically just willing to go along for the ride… knowing that I would LOVE this kind of treatment!
Then he learned that he did NOT have to get toenail polish, hee hee, of course he already knew this!! 
PLUS, he found out that he’d receive a foot massage with the deal and was keen on the idea… since he has gout, foot massages can sometimes break-up some of the gout forming crystals.

So… we set out to Zen Garden Nail Spa in Palo Alto, CA.
I’d been here before with my mom, which is how she knew about the place to begin with.

I let Dano pick my nail color… he wanted to go with Amethyst or Blue… I was changing from a purple color already, so I decided to go with a cool Blue shade… to honor the new little baby (boy) we are awaiting! 😉

I don’t regularly get pedicures… but after having been here, I might start!
They have fancy massage chairs, pretty green glass foot bowls, and wonderful treatments with foot and leg massages.
The staff is very nice and friendly!
I know Dano had a bit of a nice time… because, well… he fell asleep a number of times!!! 🙂


(this is probably the only time you’ll see me post a cliche’ picture of feet! Unless, I’m sinking my feet into a wonderful sandy beach!)


One Response to “Happy 10th Anniversary! Zen Garden Nail Spa – Palo Alto, CA”

  1. Jennifer Flint Designs May 28, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

    Wow, ten years, huh? Congrats! My boyfriend and I are coming up on five years next Friday! Still can’t believe it. Did you find out for sure it’s a boy?

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