Doubled my money! Grand Sierra Resort : Reno, NV

7 Jun

There were two things that surprised the heck out of us on our drive to Reno, NV on June 3rd!

#1 – It Snowed!
#2 – Less than 20days to Summer and It Snowed!

Dano had a week vacation from work due to office-construction…
we have friends who recently moved to Reno…
I found out Reno is ‘driving-distance’ from the Bay Area! 
Thus, we wondered if we should road-trip over during this vacation time.
THEN, I received a Living Social deal … a great deal… So, we knew our answer!

The Deal was for 2 weekday nights, 2 Buffet Meal tickets, AND a $25 Gambling card, all for $69 to…
Grand Sierra Resort!

Soooo…. we set out Monday morning… hitting the Sierra Mountain Range around Noon… It Was Snowing!!!!

We already knew we were going to head South to drive along Lake Tahoe and check it out… the snow disappeared…
We stopped in Tahoe City and Jake’s on the Lake for Lunch, that was YUMMY! Clam Chowder is divine here!

Then the snow caught up to us!
and it stayed with us over the high elevation route over to Reno! Whew!
That was a fun and funny surprise for us!

Grand Sierra Resort is a lovely place… It’s dated in decor, though they are undergoing renovations right now!
They have a distinction between the Smoking and Non-Smoking Slot Rooms…
The Dinner Buffet was filling and offered good variety.
I had a mini-facial at the spa… that was wonderfully relaxing.

GAMBLING! It’s fun… and harmless IF you know when to quit…
So… when I was ahead on a penny slot Max Bet play… I stopped and walked away with enough money (plus more) to get my facial!  Ah! I loved that! To boot we already had $25 of free gambling money… so we made out pretty well!

It was a great visit to see our friends and meet their sweet little girl (finally!)… we got a great deal to stay nearby… and saw a new part of the world!

All in All a fun little getaway… Followed by a drive home through Nevada City…
Where Dano performed his first Comedy Set ever!!!
(More to come on D’s Comedy!)

Thanks & Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Doubled my money! Grand Sierra Resort : Reno, NV”

  1. Jennifer Flint (@Jennifer_Flint) June 7, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

    I actually lived in Reno when I was about four years old, and tried to drown in Lake Tahoe at some earlier point (one of several dramatic attempts to perish that particular year, as it so happens). Ah, memories. Wasn’t old enough to gamble, though, so thanks for filling in that particular blank for me. Sounds like an awesome trip! 🙂

    • elanbuendia June 14, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

      ah! you didn’t get the ‘benefit’ of living in Reno for the ‘gamble’… you were too little!

      sounds like you tried to gamble with your life though… interesting…!!

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