Bay Area Technology = Instant Coffee!? : Wunderlich Park & Folger Stable – Woodside, CA

11 Jul

The first thing that tickled my funny bone when we drove into Wunderlich Park… were the “Equestrian Parking” signs…
Visions of , actually, ‘parking’ horses bounded through my head!
Yeah… I know it’s for Horse “Trailers”… but it’s too fun to think of a horse ‘beep beep beeping’ as it backs up in to a space!
(See the Sign that sparked my amusment below!)

On a long and fun Coastside loop drive last weekend, we stopped at a few locations noted with those tan ‘Historical Site’ signs!
At one stop in Woodside, we were advised to head over to Wunderlich Park & Folger Stable, which is named after Martin Wunderlich, whom bought the land and stables from the Folger Family in 1956.
YES… THAT “The best part of Wakin’ Up” Folger Family!!

Mr. Wunderlich donated the land, in 1974, to the County and it remains a Stable and Equestrian park… with great hiking and riding trails AND Riding lessons and activites! 🙂

The second thought to tickle me was realizing that The Folger’s started their coffee biz in the Bay Area…
Knowing that the Bay Area is a huge hub of advancement and technology… I couldn’t help chuckling that even Instant Coffee Crystals were a big advancement in technology at some point!

Wake up to a great cup of morning joe in your cup and fun thoughts of inginuity! 🙂



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