Dutch Bros Coffee… Mmmm Yep! SFO to PDX Road Trippin’

29 Jul

So… I spent a few formative young teen years living in good ole Southern Oregon.
Still have friends and family around there…
And they’ve always talked up how great Dutch Bros Coffee is!

It’s a little chain of Drive-Thru Coffee Windmills that serve great drinks…
well, not really Windmills, but I wish they were!

Soooo… on our recent road trip up to Portland for a few family gatherings, we stopped in SoOre, of course!
I’ve not been a coffee-drinker for over 6yrs now and Dano has really never been a coffee drinker.
But, since, I love a good Hot -or- Cold Chocolate Milk… I informed Dano that we’d be stopping at a DB on our way out of town.

We had our doggies in tow… and without pause… they started barking when we got to the window…
This did not phase the barista one bit… she got two doggie biscuits and handed them over!
With Doggies now in Love with her… we could place our order!

I ordered a small Chocolate Milk (just to give it a try) and uber surprisingly Dano ordered a coffee drink… a Dutch Freeze with Chocolate!
Mmmmmm… both drinks were delightful!!!
Dano was hooked and began craving his Dutch Freezes! Hee hee!
So, we stopped at a few more Windmills around and about Oregon and NorCal…
Dutch Bros made our trip North on I-5 fun and our trip South on Hwy101 doable!
(because… that’s a LONG drive home down the 101!)

If you are ever up in the PNW (Pacific Northwest)… Give DB a try and Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Dutch Bros Coffee… Mmmm Yep! SFO to PDX Road Trippin’”

  1. Jennifer Flint Designs July 29, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    Sounds awesome! I only started drinking coffee a couple of years ago, completely out of the blue. Boyfriend has a Keurig, and it actually makes pretty good coffee. I’m still mostly a tea drinker, but I can’t do without my morning brew now (as long as it has plenty of half ‘n half in it). 🙂


  1. Dutch Bros a Day 2014! Let’s check this place out! | Bendtropolis - December 31, 2013

    […] still in GP I heard plenty about this great coffee place. Sooooo, lucky for me and Hubs, during a 2012 SFO to PDX roadtrip we were able to hit a few windmills and found out… yum… it was pretty good after […]

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