Daddy got a bonus! Baby got some toys! : CitrusLane May’13 Review

23 May

Daddy LOVES baby!! And he loves toys (how many guitars does one guy need!?!?), but really, his toy obsession has switched to baby toys (how many toys does one baby need!?!?) .
We knew a bonus was on the horizon… I started looking into the monthly subscription by Citrus Lane, hoping that we’d get fun, development toys… so that Daddy and Baby would be happy little campers!

Yes! Turns out this is a freaking awesome company… age-appropriate goodies (toys, food, etc.) for babies (and sometimes items for mommies too!) delivered right to our front door monthly!
They are a local company and I knew this was something I’d want to support and, Hey, It’s so fun to be surprised with goodies every month!

May 2013 was our first delivery… and my hopes were solidified, this truly is a great service!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s May 2013 box :

~ A Green Toys Stacker :
Um, yeah, baby loves this toy… I mean, LOVES, this toy!
He immediately reaches for it, when it’s play time ,and will crawl around the room holding onto a nesting piece in each hand!
The Stacker has fun colors, stacks in any configuration, and is safe (no center post), and eco-friendly (recycled and BPA/phthalate free).
Green Toys is, also, a local company… located in San Francisco!

~ “Bear Takes a Trip” Board book :
Cute little book and story… has a little ‘lesson’ for telling time!
These books by Barefoot Books seem pretty popular.

~ Happy Munchies Rice Cakes :
These are indicated for baby’s age… and I did let him try some finger food this week… but he wasn’t completely ready for these. However, this in no way discourages me from trying these, again, in the future.
Firstly, I know they are yummy, because I just had to give them a try… mmm! We had Blueberry/Beet in our box.
Secondly, baby is ‘getting there’ with his solid finger foods… so these will be a great on the go snack, and we got some coupons to buy more!

~ Dish Liquid from Dapple :
We got a Travel Size of this stuff… I’d been curious about this line since I ran across it while pregnant… nice that I’ll be able to give it a try now!

~ Moisture Stick from DeepSteep :
For the Mommy!! It was Mother’s Day this month, after all! 🙂 This stuff is freaking awesome!
Smells yummy, I got Lavender-Chamomile scent, made with coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, herbs, and other good stuff. It comes in a big twisty tube and can be applied to any skin area as needed.
What I like about it is that, as a mommy, I am constantly washing my hands and holding/feeding/playing with baby. Sometimes I really want some moisture on my hands, but I don’t want my fingers all goopy… well, with this stick, I just have to rub the good stuff over the backs of my hands and go!
I am drooling over the idea of the Brown Sugar-Vanilla  scent.

Soooo… All in All!!! Great Box, Great Service! 🙂
If I were to have purchased all these items on my own I’d have spent close to $35, not including shipping & tax.
But I had it delivered, shipping included, for much less and I got introduced to some new products and received coupons and discount codes!

Hoping June’s Box will include something for Daddy… being Father’s Day that month! Yippy!

Receive $10 your first order here!

Kai Citrus Lane May 2013


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