The Cervix Whisperer : “Taste the Rainbow”!

15 Jun

When I shared with hubby that I had found the perfect Childbirth Educator for us and told him her website address… being the amateur comedian that he is, he promptly asked, “Is she going to whisper ‘Taste the Rainbow’ to your cervix!?” HA!

Turns out Patty, The Cervix Whisperer, is sooooo freaking great and funny, that she may actually do just that if you asked her nicely… though she will certainly throw back her head, flip her long signature hair, and laugh an infectious laugh!!

I was referred to Patty by our Birth Doula, Melissa from Stork & Sprout, and when I spoke to her on the phone, I realized she had the perfect mix of experience and hippy that I was looking for! (After all, at the time, she lived in Santa Cruz!)
She has more that 25yrs birth/baby experience and adds her special blend of holistic birthing tools…
aromatherapy, ‘mood’ lighting, yoga balling, even a hair comb!?!?!?

Patty has also, on occasion, offered doula services… though typically she keeps herself busy with Childbirth Classes at Sequoia Hospital and Pre/Post Natal Fitness classes at The Reading Bug! She even takes time to reach out to her new mamas a number of times during postpartum!

If you are looking for a top-notch, approachable, and fun Childbirth Educator… then look no further than The Cervix Whisperer… you will certainly be in good hands!

Yes, this post was short and sweet…
Just like all future mama’s hope their labor will be!

Kai Hospital Photog 10.22.12


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