All Fun for Little Dudes! CitrusLane August ’13 Review

21 Aug

Super fun times for our little dude!
We received that and much more in our August Citrus Lane! box!
Citrus Lane is a local Bay Area Peninsula company and I could not be more happy with their service!

Upon signing up, we provided age and gender of our little one and now receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month! August proved to be such a fun box for little dude!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s August 2013 box :

~ A Crocodile Creek Ball:
Our little guy is in love with balls… all sizes and materials. We just started noticng this pattern within the last few weeks, so imagine our surprise when inside our Citrus Lane box was an awesome 5″ Playground Ball, Blue with Firetrucks on it!
Little Dude’s eyes opened so wide when he spotted it and he started chanting his word for ball… ‘Ba’!
These balls are free from PVC, Vinyl, and BPA!

~ A new Barefoot Books board book :
We received a fun board book from Barefoot Books before and this one is just as cute and fun.
“Cleo’s Color Book” features the main character, Cleo, a little orange kitty who explores the world of color. She, also, has other exploring books for numbers and the alphabet!
I’m pretty excited about this book… as we’ve been taking Baby Sign Language and have learned all our colors and other fun signs for toys, adventures outside and in, and tons of other useful signs! Thus, we’ll be able to read and sign this book to little dude!

~ Organic socks from iPlay! :
Ummmm… I’m kind of a dork when it comes to socks… I love them!  I love different materials, patterns, themes, lengths, etc. One of my favorite things to buy little dude are… you guessed it… socks!! And I must have done a good job of it, because people always comment on his cute socks; and socks that match outfits; and yadda yadda!
So, when Hubs pulled out the little pair of iPlay Organic Cotton Socks, he said, “OH! Something that mama’s gonna love.”
Hee hee hee! That is very true! 🙂

~ Little Yums from Plum Organics :
A little pack of Spinach, Apple, Kale Little Yums teething wafers…  we haven’t really tried teething biscuits yet (we’ve been successful with other methods of relief), but little dude really has taken to feeding himself, what with five teeth after all! So, anything he can hold onto himself and eat is super-duper in his book! These Little Yums just might work out! I like that they have the veggies… I’m a little hesitant that they have cane sugar… of course, though, everything is organic and I do like that!

~ Sanitizing Wipes from Clean Well :
We, already, really like Clean Well hand wipes in our household (and car and diaper bag!) They have a great variety of sizes and wipes or sprays.
I typically just go with the Original Scent, but received an Orange Vanilla canister of 40 wipes… it’s pretty yummy smelling! 🙂
They are alcohol-free, biodegradeable and use thyme to naturally kill germs!

~ a FREE outfit from!! : $39.95
Wow! This was a pretty cool gift code for one free 3-piece outfit ($39.95) from the cool clothing subscription site,!
FabKids works with Christina Applegate, as a Creative Partner, to garner super duds for kids!
Granted the outfits are for 2T and up… though they are SO cute I just had to use my code (not just let it expire) and get an outfit that will be perfect for my Awesome guy’s future coolness! I paid just $5 for shipping and every month thereafter I will receive an opportunity to purchase other outfits…. or I can skip a month… or I can cancel/postpone my membership!
It was fun to go shopping on this site and I’m eager to receive our outfit!

If I had purchased all these items, separately, for myself… I’d have spent at least $60, not including shipping & tax.
We, also, received great coupon codes for almost every company/item represented in the box!

Excited for September’s box!!!! It’s so fun watching my guys’ (hubs and boy) open the Citrus Lane box every month! :)

Receive $10 off your own order here!

Kai Citrus Lane Aug 2013 005


3 Responses to “All Fun for Little Dudes! CitrusLane August ’13 Review”

  1. Julie August 22, 2013 at 11:29 am #

    I received a box last week for my 11 month old. She liked all the items in it. Love the idea of this, but don’t think I will do every
    month. Maybe every 3 months…

    • elanbuendia August 24, 2013 at 8:36 am #

      Howdy Julie ~

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      We’ve enjoyed our subscription, since May, Hubs got a bonus and we decided to go in for a year! 🙂

      Though we have had a toy delivered that we already owned (just sold it on a Mommy Buy/Sell group) and a few things I might otherwise not want to feed or use on baby… but all in all, it’s been a great way to learn about some things or try out some things, I would otherwise not have!

      Have fun with, however, you choose to use CitrusLane!



    • elanbuendia October 26, 2013 at 8:57 pm #

      So glad you liked everything! 🙂

      I can understand… spacing out ‘extra’ stuff in the house seems like a good idea!

      Have fun!

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