Beautiful and Dreamy! Citrus Lane February ’14 Review

17 Mar

We received Bean’s February Citrus Lane box and it was a beautiful little play world!

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Citrus Lane is a local Bay Area Peninsula company and even though we now live in Bend, I certainly think they are a great company in the Bay Area and will continue my reviews for this site! 🙂
Though I invite you mamas to head over to my new Mama Bendia blog, where I’ll continue to review products, talk mama-ness, things to do in Central Oregon, and general musings!

Upon signing up for Citrus Lane, we provided age and gender of our little dude and now receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s February 2014 box for a 16mth-ish old boy :

~ Dive Bath Appliques ‘toys’ from Boon :
We’re lucky… our little guy loves the water… swimming and bathing. He’s received some great bath toys in his Citrus Lane boxes and this month’s bath toys did not disappoint! These Bath Appliques by Boon are wicked cool! They stick to the bath surfaces when wet, allowing babe to create a little story or dreamy bath scene with the cool shapes and colors… shark, submarine, manta ray, orange fish, whale, etc! And they are BPA & PVC free and will not absorb mold (yuck!).
(in the photo, you’ll note the Scrubbles, also by Boon, that we received in Ocotober 2013. These are, also, a big hit!)

Citrus Lane Feb 14 Bath

~ Silicone Bowl from Oogaa :
A blue soft bowl for eating yummy food… awesome PVC & Phthalate free Silicone bowl that is not to heavy for little Bean to carry to the coffee table to have a snack from. It’s so cute watching him take the little bowl in his hands and walking carefully to the table. He later learned that it was soft and therefore fun to squish! Ah, the wonder of the world!
Little 22mth old cousin got a pink plate, which she loved and wanted to use immediately.

~ Starlight Sailor boardbook by Barefoot Books :
Beautiful and Dreamy… this book made my sis and me say ‘Awe!’ when it came out of our respective Citrus Lane boxes! It’s is such a gorgeous book, in fact my sis keeps her on her coffee table… and our littles like it as well!
I can’t wait until Bean is a bit more ‘settled’ in his sitting to let me read this to him and go through the pages… as it is we can skip about and look at the wonderful illustrations… I’m so very pleased with this book!

~ Age Defy Hand Cream by Juice Beauty :
Yummy! A good for Mama! And this stuff is seriously dreamily creamy and makes my hands beautiful!
I thought ‘age defying hand cream’ was a weird idea… but then I realized it makes so much sense, we show age in our hands a lot and for me that’s just intensived by the fact that I am so busy with Bean that I can’t get some hand lotion on when I need to! Enter Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream… smells so good, feels so great, and my hands seriously love it! Made with mostly organic ingredients, this is a must have for all hands!

If I had purchased all these items individually… I’d have spent about $47, not including shipping & tax.
We, also, received great coupon codes for almost every company/item represented in the box!
This was a very good box, indeed!!

We opt for a yearly membership, so we pay just about $20/mth… but you can go a month at time for just $29 AND Get a whopping 50% off your very one 1st box here!

It’s so fun watching my guys’ (hubs and boy) open the Citrus Lane box every month!
Look forward to March… this Mama’s BDay month!

Citrus Lane Feb 14

Disclaimer : This post contains referral links.

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