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Singer Hill Cafe, Oregon City! PDX to SFO Road Trippin’

17 Jun

Oregon City is outside Portland, Or… we had a bit of creative business to attend to there and I was excited to check out this ‘new’ place that I’d never ventured before… after all, I’d lived in Portland long enough, that I should have made my way over there!
It has one cute little downtown!
As it turns out it is the official location of the End of the Oregon Trail!
As well as have a big role in being the ‘beginning of Oregon’!

Not to be outdone by Portland, “The City of Bridges”…
Oregon City itself, also, boasts some pretty great looking bridges!

So… while waiting for my husband to finish his business meeting (Oregon City is becoming quite the little creative hub) and then for us both to meet-up with my sister…

I happened upon this great cafe up the hill and the big ole’ fancy elevator from downtown… On the corner of 7th & John Adams.
Singer Hill Cafe

Nice Staff,
Nice Atmosphere, with a ‘growing’ plant wall!
Nice Hot Cocoa,
And yummy cookies.
Great little back-room with an art gallery and framery attached!

If you find yourself around town… and you have a keen eye… you may even notice some filming locations from the TV Show “Grimm”. 😉

(hint : bridges, water, Halloween, Lady in White… and a few other locales)

So… pick up a hot cocoa and have a stroll!


Bay Area Technology = Instant Coffee!? : Wunderlich Park & Folger Stable – Woodside, CA

11 Jul

The first thing that tickled my funny bone when we drove into Wunderlich Park… were the “Equestrian Parking” signs…
Visions of , actually, ‘parking’ horses bounded through my head!
Yeah… I know it’s for Horse “Trailers”… but it’s too fun to think of a horse ‘beep beep beeping’ as it backs up in to a space!
(See the Sign that sparked my amusment below!)

On a long and fun Coastside loop drive last weekend, we stopped at a few locations noted with those tan ‘Historical Site’ signs!
At one stop in Woodside, we were advised to head over to Wunderlich Park & Folger Stable, which is named after Martin Wunderlich, whom bought the land and stables from the Folger Family in 1956.
YES… THAT “The best part of Wakin’ Up” Folger Family!!

Mr. Wunderlich donated the land, in 1974, to the County and it remains a Stable and Equestrian park… with great hiking and riding trails AND Riding lessons and activites! 🙂

The second thought to tickle me was realizing that The Folger’s started their coffee biz in the Bay Area…
Knowing that the Bay Area is a huge hub of advancement and technology… I couldn’t help chuckling that even Instant Coffee Crystals were a big advancement in technology at some point!

Wake up to a great cup of morning joe in your cup and fun thoughts of inginuity! 🙂


My Funny Baby Daddy!! D’s first Comedy Gig!

18 Jun

In honor of Father’s Day yesterday… I wanted to finally blog about Dano’s first comedy gig!

A 10min set in Nevada City on June 3rd at the Old Stonehouse Brewery!

Funnily, neither of us took into account the higher elevation and as it turns out that had a bit of an impact on Dano’s on-stage breathing… whew!
It got a little ‘unruly’ up there! 🙂
He did pull off a great set and we are so excited about future gigs!

Check it out for yourself here :

The event was put on by On the Bus Productions… Thanks Ken and Corrie!
they host a show each month on the first Tuesday.
Check out Talent Tuesday sometime!

We were at the awesome Old Stonehouse Brewery, which was featured in a ‘Ghost Adventures’ Episode.
We even got to check out one of the great locations they investigated…
the Tunnel!

Doubled my money! Grand Sierra Resort : Reno, NV

7 Jun

There were two things that surprised the heck out of us on our drive to Reno, NV on June 3rd!

#1 – It Snowed!
#2 – Less than 20days to Summer and It Snowed!

Dano had a week vacation from work due to office-construction…
we have friends who recently moved to Reno…
I found out Reno is ‘driving-distance’ from the Bay Area! 
Thus, we wondered if we should road-trip over during this vacation time.
THEN, I received a Living Social deal … a great deal… So, we knew our answer!

The Deal was for 2 weekday nights, 2 Buffet Meal tickets, AND a $25 Gambling card, all for $69 to…
Grand Sierra Resort!

Soooo…. we set out Monday morning… hitting the Sierra Mountain Range around Noon… It Was Snowing!!!!

We already knew we were going to head South to drive along Lake Tahoe and check it out… the snow disappeared…
We stopped in Tahoe City and Jake’s on the Lake for Lunch, that was YUMMY! Clam Chowder is divine here!

Then the snow caught up to us!
and it stayed with us over the high elevation route over to Reno! Whew!
That was a fun and funny surprise for us!

Grand Sierra Resort is a lovely place… It’s dated in decor, though they are undergoing renovations right now!
They have a distinction between the Smoking and Non-Smoking Slot Rooms…
The Dinner Buffet was filling and offered good variety.
I had a mini-facial at the spa… that was wonderfully relaxing.

GAMBLING! It’s fun… and harmless IF you know when to quit…
So… when I was ahead on a penny slot Max Bet play… I stopped and walked away with enough money (plus more) to get my facial!  Ah! I loved that! To boot we already had $25 of free gambling money… so we made out pretty well!

It was a great visit to see our friends and meet their sweet little girl (finally!)… we got a great deal to stay nearby… and saw a new part of the world!

All in All a fun little getaway… Followed by a drive home through Nevada City…
Where Dano performed his first Comedy Set ever!!!
(More to come on D’s Comedy!)

Thanks & Enjoy!

Adventurin’ : Peninsula Roller Girls, RWC (Roller Derby!)

6 Apr

Yippy! Found out Redwood City (RWC) has their own Roller Derby team!!

Last Summer, at the RWC Salsa Festival, the Peninsula Roller Girls were out in force recruiting and promoting!
It was so fun to see them in their skates and outfits w. fun names printed on the shirts!
They were in the works for securing a local rink for Home Bouts and I anxiously awaited word about it!
Since, they are on Facebook, it was easy to keep up with any news.

On March 25th at the local RWC Roller Rink they went against The Undead Betty’s… Dano & I and a few of our peeps from the Super Cool Club on meetup… went out to cheer on our local Roller Derby team!!!

Last summer, they’d asked me if I was interested in being on the team… at first I thought, ‘No way! I’m too chicken!’.
Though, now after seeing this bout, I have to admit… it looks pretty fun and thrilling!!
AND talk about the Exercise! Whewie, Awesome!

One thing I know for sure… I’m going to have to bone up on the rulebook to even be a spectator! It is a fun sport to watch… but will be that much more fun when I know what the heck is truly going on! 🙂 Even though, I pretty much got the jist of it. 🙂

There are some pretty wickedly fun names out there for these girls…
Take-Out Dinah,
Moose-a-rita (whom has named her booty, Moose Caboose!! classic!),
Fibonacci Sequins,
L.L. Mean,
Fightmaster Flash,
And SO many other great chicks and coaches!!

Makes me wonder…!?!? What would I pick as my Roller Derby name… hmmmm!?! 😉

(though…  I’ll have to wait about 9-12mths more before I could Roller Derby… that’s a ‘sneak peek’ of a future post, wink wink 😉 )

Adventurin’ : the “Grimm” House, Portland, OR

23 Mar

Yeah… so I’m kind of a geek when it comes to movies/TV… Trivia and Filming Locations and Continuity and such! 🙂

So… When we flew into Portland from SFO to visit family… I was excited to know that we’d get to see the location of Nick’s house on “Grimm“.

With family in the ‘know’ … we asked them to show us  ‘the Grimm house’…  there was confusion about if we meant Nick or Monroe’s house! I thought that was cool, since we really like Monroe, the Blutbad, and he’s become such an important part of “Grimm”.
We headed off to Nick’s place… it’s located in a beautiful neighborhood of Portland and it’s actually inhabited, must be quite an event to deal with when your own home is transformed into the set for a TV show!

I’ve always been in awe about how camera angles and set-dressing can transform a location… i.e. where I expected to see a driveway, there was a street… and that the house was at a higher elevation than it looks to be in the show. So Fun!

So… that was a fun trip celebrating with family over new to be born babies… and getting a little Hollywood in… Or, actually, I’ll say Portlandwood! 🙂

Adventurin’ : PDX, Portland, OR

9 Mar

Surely you’ve heard someone at some time say “Oh man, I love Portland, Oregon!”

If you’ve had a chance to explore the place spoken about, then you, yourself, may have fallen in love with Portland!
It truly is a unique and interesting place… and, not to be missed, city!

One of my favorite things about going to Portland is flying into PDX… it is the best airport I’ve ever encountered so far… and I’m not biased here just because Portland is my hometown… it really is a great, comfortable, and welcoming airport! And, yes, I have been to a number of airports, so my experience is not limited either! 🙂

I always love walking through the Alaska Air terminal upon arrival and seeing what new and beautiful artwork will be welcoming us. Dano and I flew in on March 2nd, 2012 and I was blown away by the current installments that I had to stop to take a few photos! Please see the artistic beauty below!

The Artist exhibits were :
~ Brenda Mallory’s  three-dimensional  “Mechanics of Hither and Yon”
~ James Dupree’s very colorful “Evolving Elements II”

THEN… as one walks into the main terminal, where, of course, you will encounter a Starbucks welcoming your sense of smell… your ears will also be welcomed with live musicians! You might hear a pianist, or a guitarist, once we heard a harpist! 🙂
Where o’ where, will you be enchanted by delightful piano tunes played by a gentleman wearing a simple Oregon Hoodie!? PDX, That’s where!! 🙂

The wonderfulness of  PDX does not just stop at the Artwork and Music… No Way… You may also shop for Made in Oregon gifts or hit The Real Mothergoose for artistically crafted goods, don’t forget shopping for good ole’ Oregon staples at Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and Powell’s Books!

Don’t forget your tummy… there are some great eateries in PDX… some Portland favorites that can be found within the Airport are Pizza Schmizza, Stanford’s, and Gustav’s Pub & Grill!

NOW… if they would just add a Burgerville to the Arrivals gate… all balance would be restored!! 🙂
(since, there is not yet a Burgerville within PDX, don’t forget to find one… yum!)

Enjoy! You’ll have a blast before you even leave the airport! 🙂
Bring a hoodie, but leave your umbrella at home… as that’s a sure sign of a tourist! 🙂