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Chinook Bookin’ : University Art, Palo Alto

1 Mar

I’m gonna be an Auntie!!!! 🙂 YAY!

Actually… I already am an Auntie (for over a decade) to a wonderful group of nieces and nephews from Dano’s siblings… and I love them dearly!
Though, in this case, come April… I’m going to be an Auntie to my own sister’s Baby Girl! So Excited! 🙂

What does this have to do with University Art!?
Well… being the crafty/creative type of person that I am… I needed to stop by a really good Art store to pick up some important items for two projects/gifts I’m giving to my little niece AND my sis & bro-in-law.
(Details of projects coming soon to a post near you… just have to attend the Baby Shower first!)

Chinook Book had a 30% off One Item AND a 20% of entire purchase coupon for University Art…
and I’m so glad, because this Art store is Great!!
So many wonderful products and brands… they had everything I needed for one of my projects and what I need to complete the other project! yay!
They also had so much stuff that Dano, the artistic creative, was in heaven!

We also scored a really fun floor mat for our front door… It’s a Man-Hole cover shape and says “Metro Sewer” 🙂 hee hee!
It’s made with recycled rubber by Don’t Step on Fred…. lol 🙂

If you are in the area and looking for art supplies… be sure to check out University Art!
If you are in the area and looking for gifts… check out their sister/neighbor store… University Art Annex.

Chinook Bookin’ : Fraiche Yogurt, Palo Alto

24 Feb

Last year, I read that Fraiche Yogurt was on the Top 10 list of Bay Area yogurt places… So, we headed over to their little Palo Alto store on Emerson… and indeed, it is very good… wonderful ‘fresh’ yogurt flavors AND amazingly wonderful and different toppings!

2012’s Chinook Book offered a “Buy One, Get one 50% Off” coupon… Yay! 🙂

We were at University Art (more on that in a later post!! Craftin’!) on Hamilton and I noticed that Fraiche had a big new store on the corner of Hamilton, nearby Reposado.

So excited to see the new digs… beautiful new store… and use our coupon! 🙂

I ordered a Natural and Pomegranate yogurt with Pomegranate seeds and Mochi pieces!
Dano ordered a Natural and Chocolate swirl with Figs and Ollieberry puree!
Mmmmm…. 🙂

Organic Frozen Yogurt with fun, fresh, funky toppings… Super Great and delicious!

Dano said “Oh, I like figs on this!” 🙂
OK… So I fibbed… I was the one whom ‘ordered’ Dano’s yogurt… hee hee!! Good thing he liked it! 


Chinook Bookin’ : Cafe Delmarette, Santa Cruz

16 Jan

We headed over to Santa Cruz, for the first time Ever, via Hwy 1/PCH,  the Thursday before New Year’s…

There is SO much to see/do there… we did not get to all of it… and we knew this might be the case.

So, rather than force it all into one day, we headed over to Pacific Ave. (the main street through downtown), so that we could sit down at a coffee shop and look through the things to-do AND see about hitting up some of the ‘offers’ in the Chinook Book.

The Coffee place : Cafe Delmarette
They offered a 2-for-1 drink in the Chinook Book… We ordered two Hot Chocolates… of course!! 🙂

Good Hot Chocolate… Quaint ‘Cafe’… Wonderful downtown area… Friendly locals!!!!

As we sat drinking our hot chocolate, I looked through the Chinook Book for other eats and treats… a local couple, Clare and Tim, sat next to us and I asked if they could use some of the more ‘resident’ type coupons (for gyms, grocery stores, etc)… so we exchanged coupons and Local info!! It was great fun to get some info about the area from them, including that Tim himself is an artist, whom painted the sign for THE Cafe Delmarette that we sat!


Chinook Bookin’ : Cafe Gratitude

18 Apr

Yum Yum!!! Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Delish! Produce comes farm-fresh tended by Cafe Gratitude itself!

A perfectly wonderful Birthday meal! We’ve only visited a handful of vegan eateries in our time… and this one, by far, takes the GF, Vegan Cake! We brought along a vegetarian friend of ours and she had a great time.

I’ve known of Cafe Gratitude ever since I’d heard about the board-game they sell… Danilo and I hosted a Mind-Heart-Media event a few years ago… showcasing video-games, movies, books, and the board game Shift ( Someone in attendance told us about Cafe Gratitude… I quickly looked it up on-line and found it that it was a fun little ‘affirmation’ cafe.  I was So Happy to see a coupon for this place in my new Chinook Book!

I ordered a Coconut Smoothie, amoung many items… so I told the darling server that I Am Grace! 🙂  When the smoothie was delivered to our table… I was told You Are Grace!! FUN! 🙂

MAN! That was one of the BEST Coconut Smoothies I’ve ever had!

I also had an I Am Dazzling (Ceaser Salad) with Almond Croutons and Brazil Nut Parmesan… Refreshing!

For Dessert… I Am Adoring (of course!) (Tiramisu)… This was such a delight, as I am Gluten-Free and no longer eat cow’s cheese, this was such a fantastic rare treat!

The table ordered an I Am Abundant appetizer sampler… We are, indeed, Abundant. Dano’s smoothie was the I Am Lucious Chocolate Smoothie (and he is!)… Our friend, Jen ordered a Biryani special, so good!

Worth a visit! As you can see from the photo (the menu) the prices are a bit high… though the food is fantastic!

Chinook Book Offer : One Free Entree with the Order of 2nd Entree

Chinook Book… What is it!?

11 Apr

So… having Portland as a hometown… I’ve been aware of the Chinook Book, but had never seen one for sale in San Diego area (they have a different, but similar form of this kind of book.)

It’s basically like an Entertainment Book, but Eco… thus, IMO, it’s WAY cooler… businesses that want to participate in the book have to fulfil a survey kinda’ in proof that they are ‘Eco’!  Happened upon one while shopping at Whole Foods and had to pick one up, as I knew it would help us learn about businesses, services, eateries, etc. that are akin to what we look for.

Soooo… I’ll be posting Reviews from places with coupons in the book that we visit… Look for “Chinook Bookin’ ” for these reviews! 🙂

Where is Chinook Book popular? ~ Bay Area ~ Portland ~ Denver ~ Seattle ~ Twin Cities ~