Babies vs. WaitStaff : Protecting baby at a Restaurant

26 Oct

Not surprisingly, I was stunned when the burning hot water from the tea mug drip-dripped onto my leg. As I moved back I was more concerned with hot liquid so close to my baby… my fear was realized as I saw the waiter put the same mug at the corner of the table within easy reach of my baby’s fast hands!

Unfortunately or not, my fear turned to anger quickly… I moved the tea as I looked up at the waiter, who had just finished apologizing and asking if I was OK. I couldn’t contain myself, “I’m fine, but you have really got to be more aware of hot liquids when you have babies at a table! Do not place hot liquids in front of a baby!!”
Our own server was at the ready for our order… I looked at her and reiterated my concern. Having children, herself, she assured me she understood! I took a breathe, looked at my hubs holding our baby and picked up the menu… but I still couldn’t concentrate and instead asked for a minute.

Just when I thought I was “OK” I realized that emotionally my nerves were frayed… my eyes teared up and when I looked at my sweet boy’s face, my eyes welled. I asked my hubs how he felt and he agreed with my actions.

You see, we were at a favorite breakfast place on the Peninsula of the Bay Area… we’d sat at this corner table before and I didn’t like that it was so close to the coffee/tea/hot water station. This morning I figured it was alright, since baby would be in a highchair at the other side of the table. Then we had this occurrence…

In other area restaurants I’ve had to address this concern, I was just helping the waitstaff become aware of serving/delivering hot dishes to a table with a baby sitting at it. After this occurrence, I will, indeed, continue to educate waitstaff on this particular safety issue!
We love going out to eat and we like to be respectful diners. We take it upon ourselves to ‘pick up’ after our baby when we are done eating, we strive to keep baby happy and if he’s fussy will take him for walk… we, also, move utensils and other items out of baby’s reach… there is, now, just one more aspect of eating out that we will be diligent with!

I write and share this blog post in the hopes of providing a bit of awareness to this topic for other parents and for the waitstaff that do not know how quickly kids can move and pull things off a table!

Take Care!

Thankfully, the waitstaff and management were not surprised at my reaction… they were understanding and generous in their offer to pay for our complete breakfast.


Bring on the cool design! CitrusLane September ’13 Review

16 Oct

Wow, our September Citrus Lane! box was really awesome and beautiful!

Citrus Lane is a local Bay Area Peninsula company and I could not be more happy with their service!

Upon signing up, we provided age and gender of our little one and now receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month!  September was an awesome box with great designs that greatly pleased my Graphic Design trained hubs! !

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s September 2013 box :

~ A Charley Harper book :
WOW!  Absolutely gorgeous! We received the “123s” book,  Hubs pulled this book out of the box and said, “I love the design of this book!”… I knew we were getting a Charley Harper book, but I had no idea what to expected! I’m in love… this is one of my favorite of baby’s board books, luckily he likes it as well!
As an added bonus, Citrus Lane had beautiful artwork printed on the inside of the box! They recommend opening the whole box and letting baby color it in… then it can be wall art OR fold it back together and be a colored toy box! Awesome!

~ A wooden push toy by Hape Toy  :
Hee hee! So adorable! We received a little Baby Tiger push toy… Bean was already starting to push toy cars around… so it was fun for him to see this in his box! Hape Toys makes eco-friendly toys from sustainable materials! So cool!

~ Playful Wash from Episencial :
YUM! This smells delightful, a light citrus scent. It’s easy to use, because it rinses nice and clean off of baby. It leaves Bean’s skin soft and his hair looks so silky, yet it’s completely manageable! It’s really quite a nice product! Apparently, it’s the “#1 Organic Wash chosen by Hospitals”… that, of course, is quite impressive!

~ Soothing Cream from Episencial :
This is a nice, light, and unscented lotion. I used it as an all-over body cream on Bean after bathing with Playful Wash, it left his skin hydrated, but not greasy! It would be a perfect cream for when his little feet and hands get a bit dry.   It was created to comfort irritated baby skin with Neem, Calendula, and Probiotics.

~ Nail Color by Julep :
Lovely! I received the Coco color, deep and gorgeous! I LOVE that they have a Quiz to determine your best suited nail color and style profile… I was Boho Glam… what are you!?
I love having a nice nail and a facial day once a week at home… but with my new little one, my time is not as available as it once was… typically I’d just go for a nice buffed nail, since being a Jeweler gets to my nails/hands… but the colors at Julep AND the fact that they are Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde resin free is pretty tempting, to be sure!! 🙂

If I had purchased all these items individually… I’d have spent more than $45, not including shipping & tax.
We, also, received great coupon codes for almost every company/item represented in the box!

As always, we are excited for October’s box!!!!
It’s so fun watching my guys’ (hubs and boy) open the Citrus Lane box every month! :)

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Kai Citrus Lane Sept 001

All Fun for Little Dudes! CitrusLane August ’13 Review

21 Aug

Super fun times for our little dude!
We received that and much more in our August Citrus Lane! box!
Citrus Lane is a local Bay Area Peninsula company and I could not be more happy with their service!

Upon signing up, we provided age and gender of our little one and now receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month! August proved to be such a fun box for little dude!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s August 2013 box :

~ A Crocodile Creek Ball:
Our little guy is in love with balls… all sizes and materials. We just started noticng this pattern within the last few weeks, so imagine our surprise when inside our Citrus Lane box was an awesome 5″ Playground Ball, Blue with Firetrucks on it!
Little Dude’s eyes opened so wide when he spotted it and he started chanting his word for ball… ‘Ba’!
These balls are free from PVC, Vinyl, and BPA!

~ A new Barefoot Books board book :
We received a fun board book from Barefoot Books before and this one is just as cute and fun.
“Cleo’s Color Book” features the main character, Cleo, a little orange kitty who explores the world of color. She, also, has other exploring books for numbers and the alphabet!
I’m pretty excited about this book… as we’ve been taking Baby Sign Language and have learned all our colors and other fun signs for toys, adventures outside and in, and tons of other useful signs! Thus, we’ll be able to read and sign this book to little dude!

~ Organic socks from iPlay! :
Ummmm… I’m kind of a dork when it comes to socks… I love them!  I love different materials, patterns, themes, lengths, etc. One of my favorite things to buy little dude are… you guessed it… socks!! And I must have done a good job of it, because people always comment on his cute socks; and socks that match outfits; and yadda yadda!
So, when Hubs pulled out the little pair of iPlay Organic Cotton Socks, he said, “OH! Something that mama’s gonna love.”
Hee hee hee! That is very true! 🙂

~ Little Yums from Plum Organics :
A little pack of Spinach, Apple, Kale Little Yums teething wafers…  we haven’t really tried teething biscuits yet (we’ve been successful with other methods of relief), but little dude really has taken to feeding himself, what with five teeth after all! So, anything he can hold onto himself and eat is super-duper in his book! These Little Yums just might work out! I like that they have the veggies… I’m a little hesitant that they have cane sugar… of course, though, everything is organic and I do like that!

~ Sanitizing Wipes from Clean Well :
We, already, really like Clean Well hand wipes in our household (and car and diaper bag!) They have a great variety of sizes and wipes or sprays.
I typically just go with the Original Scent, but received an Orange Vanilla canister of 40 wipes… it’s pretty yummy smelling! 🙂
They are alcohol-free, biodegradeable and use thyme to naturally kill germs!

~ a FREE outfit from!! : $39.95
Wow! This was a pretty cool gift code for one free 3-piece outfit ($39.95) from the cool clothing subscription site,!
FabKids works with Christina Applegate, as a Creative Partner, to garner super duds for kids!
Granted the outfits are for 2T and up… though they are SO cute I just had to use my code (not just let it expire) and get an outfit that will be perfect for my Awesome guy’s future coolness! I paid just $5 for shipping and every month thereafter I will receive an opportunity to purchase other outfits…. or I can skip a month… or I can cancel/postpone my membership!
It was fun to go shopping on this site and I’m eager to receive our outfit!

If I had purchased all these items, separately, for myself… I’d have spent at least $60, not including shipping & tax.
We, also, received great coupon codes for almost every company/item represented in the box!

Excited for September’s box!!!! It’s so fun watching my guys’ (hubs and boy) open the Citrus Lane box every month! :)

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Kai Citrus Lane Aug 2013 005

Full of Yummy Goodness! CitrusLane July ’13 Review

15 Jul

Full of fun, yummy, and cute goodies… yep, that’s what we received in our July Citrus Lane! box!

I took advantage of the option to add-an additional item to our box… a Zippered Wet/Dry bag by Bumkins.  We wanted to go for this since our babe has been going to swim lessons and this will be great to take with us to class!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s July 2013 box :

~ An ‘on-the-go’ by Zoli Travel Snack Dispenser:
This BPA and phthalae free on-the-go dispenser looks like a great item to bring along for baby’s snacks.
Dried food will fair best and with 4 different compartments I will have lots of options for baby! 🙂
Hey! I could even use an empty dispenser to mix up a bit of the included NutureMe baby food powder!

~ A pouch of NuturMe organic dried baby food! :
I already know I love this brand… I get their Organic Quinoa Cereal and add a few dashes of it to baby’s water.
I’ve been wanting to try out their other products and now’s our chance… We received Organic Bananas, Oatmeal, and Sweet Potatoes, which I promptly tucked away in the diaper bag to go with our Zoli on-the-go dispenser!
They even provided a $15 off code for our next order. Yep! I’ll be taking advantage of that!

~ A Melissa & Doug Toy! :
UH!!! We Love Melissa & Doug in our house… and we already have the Wiggling Worm Snake that was included in our box… which basically just made us feel like Super Fantastic parents for keeping on top of great toy options for baby!

~ A travel size set of California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner

~ Ten free Postagram photo postcards!! :
Cute little personalized photo postcards with perforation to punch out the little photo… great to mail to grandparents, aunties and uncles, or Hey! Just send yourself a few photos of your wee one to keep in your wallet!

~ Some Little Buddy Wipes :
These Fresh Cucumber & Tea Tree wipes by me4kidz are “alcohol & sting free antibacterial wipes.”
I’m funny, but I actually like the smell of Tea Tree and I’ve always loved the Cucumber sent… so I bet these smell pretty good! 🙂 Though, I’m going to pass on these since the had a bit more info about the active ingredient.

If I were to have purchased all these items on my own I’d have spent about $38 not including shipping & tax and not including the added wet/dry bag, which was $14 and shipped in my box for free.
Whole deal delivered, shipping included, for much less and we got some fun stuff and great coupon codes!

In anticipation of August’s box!!!! Woot! :)

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Kai Citrus Lane July 2013

My Morning Coffee with SeriousMilk! TCHO Chocolate to the rescue!

14 Jul

If you have not had TCHO Chocolate yet.. then you are truly missing out!

If you live in the Bay Area and have not encountered this chocolatier yet… well… then, I’m just confused!

IF you have not had TCHO’s Mokaccino bar yet… then you are seriously doing yourself a disservice!

I first learned about TCHO Chocolate in La Jolla Whole Foods while we still lived in the San Diego area.  At that time, they were only offering their deliciously perfected Dark Chocolate… in which they work with the Cacao bean itself to create a pure, unadulterated flavor that highlights the origin of the bean! Mmmmm….

Then, they did a Milk Chocolate Beta Testing campaign… I was SO IN!
Very fun helping taste, compare, and rate the different Milks that they were putting together.
Mmmm… 🙂

Recently, I found myself cruising the Chocolate Aisle at Whole Foods as, I am want to do! 😉
And I see it… a NEW Chocolate Bar from TCHO… a Chocolate and Coffee Bar!
Since I knew Blue Bottle Coffee was nummy (I’ve had gelato made with it), I knew I just had to have that bar!

Fast forward to next morning… as I take a bite out of my new chocolate bar (as I’m want to do in the morning!) and BOOM! I knew I was correct… I. Had. To. Have. This. Bar!!!

Sooo…. If you find yourself hankerin’ for a Chocolate Bar consider TCHO Chocolate and ENJOY!
You might have a had time finding the Mokaccino bar though… as I’m on the hunt now!
“Serious Milk Chocolate + Blue Bottle Coffee” = YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, if you want to take a tour of How TCHO Chocolate is made… they Do that!! WOW!


It’s Summer, Summer, Summer Time! CitrusLane June’13 Review

20 Jun

Yep! Summer time is upon us! Summer Solstice is around the corner (!) and we got our Fun in the Sun Citrus Lane June box!
Citrus Lane is a local company that delivers monthly, age-appropriate goodie boxes to baby families!

Though I was hoping for some sort of Daddy Related box/items, the goodies we did receive were pretty dang cute!

I even got the option, beforehand, to add a few, separately purchased items to our box… since a box was being shipped out to us anyway, I decided to add Playful Wash, Baby Time by Episencial. Even though I’m currently using Earth Mama, Baby Angel, I wanted to try this new product and it can be a ‘toss in the bag’ and go for our Swim Lessons or visits to the beach.

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s June 2013 box :

~ An Odd Ducks Bath toy by Boon :
Another Win!
Baby loves this… it’s brightly colored and squished down (after all, it is called Squish in the Orange color!)… so he reaches out for it every time he sees it and it’s ‘small’ enough for him to hold onto for a long time! 🙂
Per the Boon website : “Does not retain water, thus preventing interior mold growth.”
BOOM! Another win… because, yuck! I had never thought of that before… and babies LOVE to put all toys in their mouths!

~ Sunny Sunscreen by Episencial :
Awesome! Perfect, safe sunscreen, addition to our diaper bag!
1.5oz Travel Size, CL exlcusive

~ happybaby ‘grains’ organic Brown Rice Pudding :
Wonderful! A sweet, little treat with good for baby grains to have him try out!

~ iPlay Sun Hat
We put this on him immediately and he just kept wearing it and going about his business (aka : play).  So, it seems, we have a winner with this hat… baby does not even notice it and it will keep in ‘safe’ during fun in the sun time!
Per iPlay website :
“Special UV-protective fabric and wide brim offer excellent sun protection. Ties under chin. Microfiber with wickaway lining.”

If I were to have purchased all these items on my own I’d have spent over $30 (not including the added baby wash), not including shipping & tax.
But it’s delivered, shipping included, for much less and I got introduced to some new products!

Wondering what July’s Box will include!?!  Something celebratory for Independence Day!?! 🙂

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Kai Citrus Lane June 2013

Singer Hill Cafe, Oregon City! PDX to SFO Road Trippin’

17 Jun

Oregon City is outside Portland, Or… we had a bit of creative business to attend to there and I was excited to check out this ‘new’ place that I’d never ventured before… after all, I’d lived in Portland long enough, that I should have made my way over there!
It has one cute little downtown!
As it turns out it is the official location of the End of the Oregon Trail!
As well as have a big role in being the ‘beginning of Oregon’!

Not to be outdone by Portland, “The City of Bridges”…
Oregon City itself, also, boasts some pretty great looking bridges!

So… while waiting for my husband to finish his business meeting (Oregon City is becoming quite the little creative hub) and then for us both to meet-up with my sister…

I happened upon this great cafe up the hill and the big ole’ fancy elevator from downtown… On the corner of 7th & John Adams.
Singer Hill Cafe

Nice Staff,
Nice Atmosphere, with a ‘growing’ plant wall!
Nice Hot Cocoa,
And yummy cookies.
Great little back-room with an art gallery and framery attached!

If you find yourself around town… and you have a keen eye… you may even notice some filming locations from the TV Show “Grimm”. 😉

(hint : bridges, water, Halloween, Lady in White… and a few other locales)

So… pick up a hot cocoa and have a stroll!