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Good for the Soul! CitrusLane October ’13 Review

2 Nov

Yes! Bean’s October Citrus Lane! box was truly ‘good for the musical, cleanliness, and ‘do good’ soul’! 🙂

Citrus Lane is a local Bay Area Peninsula company and I could not be more happy with their service!

Upon signing up, we provided age and gender of our little one and now receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s October 2013 box :

~ A Hohner Kids Toddler Tambourine :
Um, yeah, soooooo we received our box just a day before we were to head out on a flight for a visit to see family and friends for a week! As soon as Bean saw this safe for kids Toddler Tambourine he dropped everything to get his hands on it… and he has not been without it since, even through 4 flights and borrowed cars, he kept a tight-fisted hold on it!
And, yes, he actually does make music with it, I think it’s helped him understand music making a bit more and in this last month he’s started using his toys to ‘make music’ and has started dancing more and more, even moving his head to the beat! Dang Cute!
The tambourine is safe in that it’s the perfect size for baby’s grip, so they won’t drop it too often; it’s light-weight so they won’t flail about trying to ‘work it’; it has 4pairs of jingles secured within a safe housing so that little fingers won’t get stuck!
He’s been so taken with this tambourine, that I opted to include the add-on Hohner Harmonica to our November box.

~ An awesome bath toy by Boon :
Scrubble! Love this name! 🙂
These are coolio looking egg-shaped bath toys with fantastic colors and textures! They screw apart, so that they can be air-dried after bathing to keep mold at bay. Because they unscrew, they can be mixed and matched… so fun and cool looking!
So far Bean hasn’t quite figured out how to get water into them, but he loves when we do that for him… so it’s on the horizon… just another fun, developmental toy for him!
They are BPA, phthalte, and PVC Free.

~ Snacky Chips from Good Boy Organics : $1.50
We received a little snack bag of Sea Salt flavored BOPS (Backed Organic Potato Snacks)… they were pretty yummy and Bean really liked them too!
They are gluten-free and were nicely, not too salty, and there are other flavors… BBQ, White Chedder, Sour Cream & Chive… might be interested in looking to them further, if I see them out and about.

~ A Cricket Magazine :
BabyBug looks like a cute little ‘magazine’ for babes! I have to admit, my little guy does love board books (turning the ‘pages’ and sliding the interactive hide & find ones), though he doesn’t sit still for a whole book to be read to him! I should probably consider reading to him more. Whew! He’s just so interested in the world!
However, this little magazine is pretty smart… no staples, rounded corners, non-toxic ink… it’s a good find to have around the living room.
CitrusLane and Cricket, also, offered a 3Mth Digital subscription to BabyBug on-line!

Lastly, but most cool-ly, CitrusLane had the October boxes specially made with Pink Mustachios to pop out and ‘dress up’ baby with! In a movement called “Health Raisers” they incorporated Pink for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month AND Mustaches for November’s Movember/Men’s Health Awareness Month!!

If I had purchased all these items individually… I’d have spent more than $30, not including shipping & tax.

As always, we are excited for next month’s box!!!! Gobble Gobble!?!?
It’s so fun watching my guys’ (hubs and boy) open the Citrus Lane box every month! :)

Receive $10 off your own order here!

Citrus Lane Oct 2013citr

Max’s of Manila Restaurant, South San Francisco, CA

22 May

Mmmmmm…. This is the kinda’ filipino food restaurant I expect to eat at when we go out for Filipino Food!
Dano was so excited that we were going out for Filipino food he almost started bouncing up and down in the car! 🙂

Max’s Restaurant is an official Filipino place that opened in the 60’s in the Philippines… they have since opened franchised locations all around the islands and in the States. Lucky for us!! 🙂

Dano learned about this place from a pinoy co-worker… so happy he did! We’ve been to a number of filipino places in a number of cities… and always found something good, but left slightly dissapointed. WELL, that is not the case at Max’s… everything was a delight to savor! Mmmm mmm goodness!

We started out with Shanghai Lumpia… of course! Delish!
(Even though it was not GF, I had to give it a little try… though I’m on my way to learning how to make my own GF Lumpia Wrappers… ah! 🙂

Next was Sinigang! I LOVE making Sinigang at home… LOVE it… and I do use lots of lemon and tomoto!
So…when Max’s menu stated their Sinigang to be ‘sour’… I thought, ‘I might be able to handle it.’
Heck yeah I could!! It was SOOO delicious that I just kept eating the broth with the crab fried rice… Man, my mouth is watering  just writing about it. 😉

Add to the table their House-Specialty “Fried Chicken”… So moist and delish!
It is literally a Fried Chicken… whole bird fried up, as is, with no breading!!  That was pretty cool and therefore, it was GF.

We also had Pork Adobe, Green Tea (by Tazo), and Chicken Lumpia (for comparison, good but not as good as Pork.)

We ended our meal with the dessert, Baku Pandan… nummy!
Tapico pearls, Coconut shreds (Macapuno), Pandan Jello, topped with Pandan Ice cream and sprinkled with Toasted Rice. I like!

Of course, we had a lot of leftovers… which made Dano a very happy boy! 🙂

If there is a location near you… head on over… you will be glad you did! 🙂

GoRaw : Crunch into a ‘living’ snack! ;)

29 Apr

Strangely, since our big move last year… I hadn’t picked up a pack of these goodies!?
I think we’d kinda’ forgotten about them as we looked at other flavor options…
when I realized we’d actually started eating snacks that were not good for us… I knew I needed to revisit some old standbys!

Re-Enter Go Raw!!!

I happened upon their goodness years ago at our San D area natural foods store, Jimbo’s Naturally!
I’d purchased their flax snax crackers for a quick snack in the car! They were so good and savory… I then started eating some of their granola bars and Dano loved taking the ‘cookies’ to work for snacks.

Silly people, we were, to go off them! But in the time we’d not been eating them… they added SO many more flavor options AND had greatly improved their taste and texture (and they already had it good!)

HEY!! Also, the package says they are located in Mt. View, CA! So that makes for a perfect SFO Newb post. 😉

Go Raw products are Gluten, Wheat, and Nut Free!
They are prepared in the Raw method of being dried, not above 105degrees, so they are considered ‘Alive’!
They contain NO added sugar!
They are made with sprouted seeds, which is more nutritious for our bodies and digestion!
And they are 100% Organic!

AND they are YUMMY! 🙂
They are so crunchy and tasty!

Go Raw is a perfect addition to your kids afternoon snack and they are great to keep at work for when the crunch urge hits! Whether you are looking for Savory or Sweet… you will find enough to satisfy your wants with Go Raw!
Find them at your favorite Natural Foods Store or on-line!

Our favorites right now!?!?
Pizza Flax Snax and Lemon Super Cookies… mmmm… got to go… I have some crunching to do! 😉


Chinook Bookin’ : Fraiche Yogurt, Palo Alto

24 Feb

Last year, I read that Fraiche Yogurt was on the Top 10 list of Bay Area yogurt places… So, we headed over to their little Palo Alto store on Emerson… and indeed, it is very good… wonderful ‘fresh’ yogurt flavors AND amazingly wonderful and different toppings!

2012’s Chinook Book offered a “Buy One, Get one 50% Off” coupon… Yay! 🙂

We were at University Art (more on that in a later post!! Craftin’!) on Hamilton and I noticed that Fraiche had a big new store on the corner of Hamilton, nearby Reposado.

So excited to see the new digs… beautiful new store… and use our coupon! 🙂

I ordered a Natural and Pomegranate yogurt with Pomegranate seeds and Mochi pieces!
Dano ordered a Natural and Chocolate swirl with Figs and Ollieberry puree!
Mmmmm…. 🙂

Organic Frozen Yogurt with fun, fresh, funky toppings… Super Great and delicious!

Dano said “Oh, I like figs on this!” 🙂
OK… So I fibbed… I was the one whom ‘ordered’ Dano’s yogurt… hee hee!! Good thing he liked it! 


Eatin’ Out : Bacon Bacon SF, Food Truck

11 Feb

BACON Bacon!! I was a lucky girl on Wednesday… I got my Valentine’s Boutique early! 🙂 With a Bacon Boutique of 5 crispy pieces of glorious bacon for Lunch! Hee hee!
I know… not a ‘good for you lunch’… but it was, indeed, GOOD, I’m telling you! 🙂

We headed out to Redwood Shores in the search of the elusive Naked Chorizo Filipino Food Truck… spent 5mins driving around looking for it…  Finally we asked someone where ‘the food truck’ is… when we got to the point, there WAS a food truck but it was not the one Dano was so hoping for 😦
Nevertheless, as a bacon loving wifey (also paying for lunch that day), I pulled rank… and he had pulled pork… hee hee!!

We had a wonderfully bacony lunch!

Me = Bacon Boutique, as I mentioned
Dano = Triple B Tacos (Trio of Bacon and other pork meat, Belly & Butte)
Shared = Fries (YUM!)
No Veg, oops!
But No Soda either, just gallons of Water! HA! 🙂

Check out BACON BACON SF‘s website and see when they are going to be in a Bay Area location near you! Worth the visit at least once! 🙂

Adventurin’ : Comedy Sketchfest Nightlife, Cal Acad of Sciences

27 Jan

Every Thursday Night the California Academy of Sciences hosts NightLife…  a Themed night of fun, exploring, great music, wonderful food & drinks… just for the 21+ set! 🙂
It is a only a $12 entry fee ($10 for members)!!
Of course, you can amp it up and get the VIP tickets at only $59 – then by-pass the lines, get a 1hr private tour, and passes for the ‘big’ events!

Dano and I (and a group of our Super Cool meet-up friends)  attended for the first time in conjunction with SF Sketchfest… apparently, this was a VERY popular theme and all passes to Greg Proops’ podcast & the Tom Lennon/Ben Garant panel were taken by the time we got in the building…   ah pooey!

Nevertheless, we made a great night of it and it turned out AWESOME!! 🙂

~ We listened to a few comedians on the Stand Up! Stage.
~ We had freaking awesome food in the Cafe, with great dietary options…
so look forward to hitting The Moss Room restaurant in the future!
~ We caught a glimpse of an albino alligator named Claude… COOOOOL! 🙂
~ We watched the Convoy Improv Troupe from LA.
~ We Met Ben Garant!!! Nice & Sincere guy! 🙂 (and saw Tom Lennon)

So, in all, our night turned out wonderfully! 🙂

I look forward to future NightLife nights!

I also got a great pic of a quote by scientist, Wallace Broecker :
“Climate is an angry beast and we are poking at it with sticks”

Cookin’ : GF Yellow Cake with Satsuma Mandarins

23 Jan

YUM! 🙂

We receive a lovely weekly delivery of Local Organic Produce from Farm Fresh to You… We love it!

It’s Satsuma season, which is great, because they are so easy to peel, delicious to eat and cute! Though we get a big bag delivered every week… they are coming out our ears!! hee hee! 🙂
Then, of course, I remember that they have a short season and I delight in what I can do with these little orange goodies!

I’ve been sending a few with Dano to work, pre-peeling some to grab on-the-go to eat with a mozzarella stick…
What else is a girl to do!?!?!
MAKE CAKE, of course!! 🙂

I grabbed my Bob’s Red Mill GF Yellow Cake mix and started my experiment!

I sectioned and peeled the thin skin off those little suckers… making about a cups worth of juicy naked Satsuma sections!

Since the mix called for water and I knew I’d have mandarin pieces/juice, I substituted the water with Organic Coconut Milk!

I also made a Mango cake with a frozen Mango I had… same substitution and fruit measurement.


I slathered the cakes with a Whipped Cream/Coconut Milk topping (don’t forget a dash of powdered sugar.)

Sprinkle slices with a touch of cinnamon to enhance flavors and wow your fans! 🙂


(If you are interested in a delivery of Farm Fresh to You… receive $10 off your 1st box with code : 6164 Buendia)
(If you are not living in the Bay Area… check out localharvest.org  for your nearby CSA or Farmer’s Market)