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Chinook Bookin’ : Cafe Delmarette, Santa Cruz

16 Jan

We headed over to Santa Cruz, for the first time Ever, via Hwy 1/PCH,  the Thursday before New Year’s…

There is SO much to see/do there… we did not get to all of it… and we knew this might be the case.

So, rather than force it all into one day, we headed over to Pacific Ave. (the main street through downtown), so that we could sit down at a coffee shop and look through the things to-do AND see about hitting up some of the ‘offers’ in the Chinook Book.

The Coffee place : Cafe Delmarette
They offered a 2-for-1 drink in the Chinook Book… We ordered two Hot Chocolates… of course!! 🙂

Good Hot Chocolate… Quaint ‘Cafe’… Wonderful downtown area… Friendly locals!!!!

As we sat drinking our hot chocolate, I looked through the Chinook Book for other eats and treats… a local couple, Clare and Tim, sat next to us and I asked if they could use some of the more ‘resident’ type coupons (for gyms, grocery stores, etc)… so we exchanged coupons and Local info!! It was great fun to get some info about the area from them, including that Tim himself is an artist, whom painted the sign for THE Cafe Delmarette that we sat!