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Zub Rub, a dub dub! Organic Skin Silkening Balm!

22 Jun

On Thursday nights, in the Summer, you’ll find me at San Carlos Art Walk selling my heylani jewelry designs!

Well… last night I saw a booth a few down from mine… looked like something I had to go check out!
Glad I did!
It was the zubrub booth… and this stuff is GREAT!
Since, it’s locally made, I had to add a little post about them on my blog!

zubrub is an organic skin and hair balm… made sustainably in NorCal with Organic Beeswax & Olive Oil, Vit E, and nummy essential oils.
~ The thing that hit me first was the smell… sooooo good… three scents; Mango, Lemongrass, and Original (Lavender)!
~ Next, I was stunned by the integrity of the bar… usually when I pick up a ‘lotion’ bar it starts to melt in my hand instantly… Not the case with zubrub! I hear it’s even been left in hot cars and hasn’t melted out of the tin!
~ Lastly, and most importantly, this stuff works like heaven on your skin! After just two applications the dry skin on the back of my hands is so silky and smells super duper! I applied it hours ago, this morning, and have washed my hands, at least, a few times… the softness and scent remains!!! Mmm! 🙂

I’m really impressed with this stuff and hope that you all will have a chance to try it someday!

Right now, they are selling in locally, independent boutiques and salons. Possibly natural retailers are on the horizon.
As well, you can pick up a reasonably priced tin on their site : Shop at zubrub

As always, Enjoy!   Summer is Here!