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Adventurin’ : Comedy Sketchfest Nightlife, Cal Acad of Sciences

27 Jan

Every Thursday Night the California Academy of Sciences hosts NightLife…  a Themed night of fun, exploring, great music, wonderful food & drinks… just for the 21+ set! 🙂
It is a only a $12 entry fee ($10 for members)!!
Of course, you can amp it up and get the VIP tickets at only $59 – then by-pass the lines, get a 1hr private tour, and passes for the ‘big’ events!

Dano and I (and a group of our Super Cool meet-up friends)  attended for the first time in conjunction with SF Sketchfest… apparently, this was a VERY popular theme and all passes to Greg Proops’ podcast & the Tom Lennon/Ben Garant panel were taken by the time we got in the building…   ah pooey!

Nevertheless, we made a great night of it and it turned out AWESOME!! 🙂

~ We listened to a few comedians on the Stand Up! Stage.
~ We had freaking awesome food in the Cafe, with great dietary options…
so look forward to hitting The Moss Room restaurant in the future!
~ We caught a glimpse of an albino alligator named Claude… COOOOOL! 🙂
~ We watched the Convoy Improv Troupe from LA.
~ We Met Ben Garant!!! Nice & Sincere guy! 🙂 (and saw Tom Lennon)

So, in all, our night turned out wonderfully! 🙂

I look forward to future NightLife nights!

I also got a great pic of a quote by scientist, Wallace Broecker :
“Climate is an angry beast and we are poking at it with sticks”


Adventurin’ : RWC Historical Walking Tour

9 Oct

I found out about a Self-Guided Historical Walk of Redwood City!  We had another fun adventure, in conjunction with our RWC Walking group from meetup.com

I was checking out the local library’s website… looking for how to donate books and other media and ran across a link to the History tour!  http://www.redwoodcity.org//library/info/localhistoryroom.html
Map here :

It was a fun way to find out about a few old buildings that Dano and I have driven and thought were way cool!

The old brick Diller-Chamberlain building on Main Street is one of our favorites…
we always drive by and think how cool it would be to live in or have a business in that place!
Well… it is the oldest brick structure in RWC, built in 1859, and the first Commercial Bldg of RWC.

The Lathrop House (built in 1863), on Hamilton Ave, offers Docent Led tours and is open the 1st four Weds and 3rd Sat of the month.

Also… The Redwood Creek still flows within Redwood City (RWC)… however it is now under ground, it has been built over, but there are still canals that individuals and kayak into!!! Whew… Interesting!

It was a fun and sunny Sunday… and I’m glad we scheduled and took this historical walk of Redwood City