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Orbit Baby… Kinda’ like ‘Iron Man’ for babies, if you get it in Red!

12 Jan

“Can we get the red color, it’s like Iron Man?!”

This is what my husband asked the first time we saw an Orbit Baby Stroller System while at the Fly Me To The Food truck event! SOOOOO freaking cool this thing was… we were just freshly pregnant and the mom who was wheeling it around took us through all the fancy-fancies of the thing! We later learned that showing an interested person all the ‘greatness’ of Orbit Baby is basically par for the course… we fall in the habit of doing just that all the time!

Uh… yeah… I’d heard this is a spendy Stroller… but we were basically hooked… and pretty much forgot to look at any other Stroller/Carseat System after that. This stroller is worth it!

We ended up going with the Mocha color, because our little dude’s nursery was blue and brown… hubs was not too upset, as I’m sure he’ll find other ways to instill ‘Iron Man’ coolness into our boy’s life! HA!

Orbit Baby’s namesake has got to be the fact that it does a 360 Orbit on its base… the circular feature is on the stroller and on the carseat base and on all the seats (infant carseat, toddler carseat, and toddler stroller seat).
This is the feature that makes people’s eyes pop, and ours sure did when we saw it…
I knew this feature was a must for me, to keep my back from popping too! Ha!

Man, before I saw the Orbit Baby, I just kept thinking about scoot scoot scootching a carseat into the back of our car and holding it just right to clip it on the base all while keeping it rear-facing and doing this over and over as babe grew heavier and heavier!
Duh! Just get the Orbit Baby and gently and easily place the seat in the car, with your center of gravity in tact, and then swivel it towards the rear-facing position without wrenching your back… ah, ideal!

Orbit Baby has many features besides that dang cool orbiting!
They are made with Eco-Friendly, Green Fabric (Certified Orbit Green)… I.E. safe (!), but without the unnecessary nasty, crappy chemicals!

When baby is in the Orbit Baby Infant carseat they basically look like a little yolk cradled in a shell… there is, basically, carseat (walls and padding) all around them!
It’s, also, so cute when my little guy falls asleep and is so peacefully cuddled into his Orbit Baby Carseat. On that note, if I stop somewhere while baby is asleep, all I have to do is get the easy-peasy Stroller out of the back of the car; swivel baby in carseat towards me; then put him on the stroller base and swivel him to any direction I need (i.e. out of sun, facing me, facing world (if he’s awake), etc.)
So great! He stays asleep because I’m not fighting my body into impossible twists and turns to get his seat out and then onto the stroller in the right formation.

The Orbit Baby is Local to the Bay Area… we were able to order ours on-line and head over to Fremont a few days later to pick up the whole system and get a little ‘how-to’ and ‘safety’ talk about it!
PLUS… We got to see the exact stroller used in “The Office” episode, in which Dwight takes the new fangled Orbit Baby stroller for a ‘test-drive’!
We didn’t even know it was an Orbit Baby stroller that was in that episode… but, we totally loved finding that out! We even took a funny picture with it!

So… that’s all great and good, right!?
But, ya know what!?
Their warrenty and warrenty service is equally wonderful… we had a couple things that needed to be addressed within the first year, thinking it was going to be a battle to deal with getting a replacement, I was dejected for about all of 2secs, then I spoke with Customer Service and they informed me that we were still covered for replacement and that we’d get it the next day… and that was very true, we had a whole new carseat the very, freaking next day!!

So… yeah… we are converts!

When we purchased the system, we also, received the Bassinet, in which our baby slept for his first three-or so months!

We have the Toddler Carseat now, just ready for our little dude to get a wee bit taller to sit in!
And, I am so looking forward to getting a Toddler Stroller Seat when we transistion the carseat!
That, the toddler seat, will be in Ironman Red! 🙂

So… if you’ve been curious, I can say without reservation, Orbit Baby your Baby!
It’s worth it, truly!



Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower! WOW… “Soooo Big!”

1 May

Already grandmothered in to the NYC & LA baby scenes… Big City Mom’s delivered their  Biggest Baby Shower to San Fransisco (SFO) on April 25th.

Their special brand of baby shower is truly a wonderful and helpful event for parents-to-be and parents with just-borns… AND good info (exhibitors and seminars) for parents with few month olds.

We knew we’d have our 6mth old in tow, so we opted for the Couple Super Pass, this would give us an extra 30mins at the beginning of the event before the larger crowd showed up AND we’d get a Free Britax Baby Carrier!

Really great exhibitors, that I’d been wanting to see in-person, were there!
Strollers, Play-yards, Baby Carriers, Highchairs, Baby Sitting Services, Baby Foods, and more!

Did you know Bugaboo just started an Andy Warhol Collection!? Beautiful!
Our little dude is an OrbitBaby himself (YES! They were there too!)… but seeing that Bugaboo collection in-person was quite tempting!

With Baby at the age to start eating solids, I was given tons of samples and tips from the awesome baby food companies on-hand…
Ella’s Kitchen, Plum Organics, Happy Baby and more.
Though I’ve been making baby food at home, it’s nice to have options for traveling, out & about, or a quick go-to…
I look forward to trying out these samples with baby!
THANK YOU awesome baby-food companies!

One of my favorite parts of the evening was getting to meet Dr. Alan Greene!!
He was on hand to give a seminar about baby feeding… So Interesting!
He loves babies and has learned tons about babies AND good, green food choices for babies!
He and his wife, graciously, let me and my baby sit down with them for a few minutes before his presentation to inquire about a couple things that had been concerning me. So Nice of them!
He’s a wonderfully, engaging speaker and has so much important insight… I highly recommend checking out his website and Facebook page… and attending a lecture if he’s gonna be in your area!!

We had to say Howdy to DaddyScrubs
’cause the hubs was a DaddyScrub wearin’ papa at the hospital!

I got to say THANKS for a great e-newsletter/blog to RedTricycle! I love them!
They had the cutest Red Flyer Tri in their booth… cute, cute, cute!!

We got to eat yummy catered food! Seriously… yummy catered food! Hmm 😉

Plus, we took away a BIG haul in goodies!
“Soooo Big”, as toddlers would say!
Samples, Samples, and Samples, A diaper bag, a nursing cover, a baby/pregnancy organizer, the Free Britax baby carrier, a car baby mirror, a Sage Spoonfuls food-saver cup, teething toys, onesies, lotions and potions, and much more!

Is it obvious yetl!?
The Biggest Baby Shower far exceeded our expectations!
If you have an event near you… we recommend you give it a go!

I’ll leave you with a series of photobooth pics we took of our wee family…  thanks to Pix C Booth!

pixcbooth April 2013 biggest baby shower