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Growing Up Big! CitrusLane November’13 Review

12 Dec

Indeed! Bean’s November Citrus Lane! box was truly a show of how much he’s growing and items to assist in helping him develop and grow further! 🙂

Citrus Lane is a local Bay Area Peninsula company and I could not be more happy with their service!
Even though we’ve recently moved to Bend, I certainly look forward to our continued deliveries and brightening my baby’s (and my hubs’) faces with new toys every month! 🙂

Upon signing up, we provided age and gender of our little one and now receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s November 2013 box :

~ A Green Toys Tug Boat :
So wonderful… it was an immediate hit, even out of the water!
Seems Citrus Lane and Green Toys have a wonderful relationship… as Bean has received quite a few Green Toys and he’s always been super pleased! As well, the toys are always, amazingly, well planned to his developmental interests!

~ Fun Utensil set by Skip Hop :
Here we are… Bean is eating up a storm! He enjoys food (thank goodness, because this helps him grow bigger!) and loves feeding himself, so I typically set him up in his highchair and place finger foods on the tray for him to go for… recently, he’s expressed a big need to use (aka : hold) utensils. These Zootensils may help feed his need… and how cool is it that he got the Shark image!? 🙂

~ Fantastic Reusable Snack Bags by Bumkins :
We already have a few Bumkins bibs and a wet bag (from a previous Citrus Lane box)… so this was a great, useable addition to our collection!
Bumkins products are so easy to use and clean!  I’ll enjoy the ease of taking snacks (he’s loving berries & crackers lately!)  along for my growing boy to munch on. Of course, these bags do not have to be used only for baby snacks, if I were so inclined I could reserve one for doggie treats or to hold little items that I need to keep in the diaper bag… hmm, what else can these great baggies be used for!?

~ Lip Comfort by Pur~lisse :
Yay… a little something for mama!
Dang, and wouldn’t ya know it… I didn’t pack it with my ‘necessities’ during 30days of Temp Housing in Bend!
Hit day 2 in our new town and BAM! Snow and close to Zero temps… my lips will be happy to get a bit of Lip Comfort in a couple weeks!
It’s petroleum-free and uses jojoba oil, shea, mango, and vegetable  butters to hydrate dry, wintery lips! I’m game!

~ A coupon for a Second Blends by Plum Organics :
A nice blend of fruit,veg, and sometimes a grain for those baby’s ready for the the next big!
I do understand that Plum Organics had a recall on some of their pouches and, thus, Citrus Lane diligently pulled the originally enclosed pouches for the November Boxes and replaced them with this coupon. I, actually, find that action to be admirable of both Citrus Lane & Plum Organics.

~ Four Sets of Address Labels & Free Shipping from Tiny Prints :
A code that would allow for 96 Free Address Labels and Free Shipping with a minimum purchase of $99.
That’s a sweet gesture and good timing for the holidays!

~ Lastly, I added a special purchase to our November Box, since we were already getting a ‘shipment’.
Since Bean loved his Hohner Kids Tambourine in October’s box, I opted to get him a kid’s harmonica… he loves it, though he doesn’t know how to use it yet himself… he loves holding up to our faces so that we’ll play it for him! Cute!

If I had purchased all these items individually… I’d have spent more than $47, not including shipping & tax.

As always, looking forward to next month’s box! That Holiday’s are here!
It’s so fun watching my guys’ (hubs and boy) open the Citrus Lane box every month! :)

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Citrus Lane Nov 13


Good for the Soul! CitrusLane October ’13 Review

2 Nov

Yes! Bean’s October Citrus Lane! box was truly ‘good for the musical, cleanliness, and ‘do good’ soul’! 🙂

Citrus Lane is a local Bay Area Peninsula company and I could not be more happy with their service!

Upon signing up, we provided age and gender of our little one and now receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s October 2013 box :

~ A Hohner Kids Toddler Tambourine :
Um, yeah, soooooo we received our box just a day before we were to head out on a flight for a visit to see family and friends for a week! As soon as Bean saw this safe for kids Toddler Tambourine he dropped everything to get his hands on it… and he has not been without it since, even through 4 flights and borrowed cars, he kept a tight-fisted hold on it!
And, yes, he actually does make music with it, I think it’s helped him understand music making a bit more and in this last month he’s started using his toys to ‘make music’ and has started dancing more and more, even moving his head to the beat! Dang Cute!
The tambourine is safe in that it’s the perfect size for baby’s grip, so they won’t drop it too often; it’s light-weight so they won’t flail about trying to ‘work it’; it has 4pairs of jingles secured within a safe housing so that little fingers won’t get stuck!
He’s been so taken with this tambourine, that I opted to include the add-on Hohner Harmonica to our November box.

~ An awesome bath toy by Boon :
Scrubble! Love this name! 🙂
These are coolio looking egg-shaped bath toys with fantastic colors and textures! They screw apart, so that they can be air-dried after bathing to keep mold at bay. Because they unscrew, they can be mixed and matched… so fun and cool looking!
So far Bean hasn’t quite figured out how to get water into them, but he loves when we do that for him… so it’s on the horizon… just another fun, developmental toy for him!
They are BPA, phthalte, and PVC Free.

~ Snacky Chips from Good Boy Organics : $1.50
We received a little snack bag of Sea Salt flavored BOPS (Backed Organic Potato Snacks)… they were pretty yummy and Bean really liked them too!
They are gluten-free and were nicely, not too salty, and there are other flavors… BBQ, White Chedder, Sour Cream & Chive… might be interested in looking to them further, if I see them out and about.

~ A Cricket Magazine :
BabyBug looks like a cute little ‘magazine’ for babes! I have to admit, my little guy does love board books (turning the ‘pages’ and sliding the interactive hide & find ones), though he doesn’t sit still for a whole book to be read to him! I should probably consider reading to him more. Whew! He’s just so interested in the world!
However, this little magazine is pretty smart… no staples, rounded corners, non-toxic ink… it’s a good find to have around the living room.
CitrusLane and Cricket, also, offered a 3Mth Digital subscription to BabyBug on-line!

Lastly, but most cool-ly, CitrusLane had the October boxes specially made with Pink Mustachios to pop out and ‘dress up’ baby with! In a movement called “Health Raisers” they incorporated Pink for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month AND Mustaches for November’s Movember/Men’s Health Awareness Month!!

If I had purchased all these items individually… I’d have spent more than $30, not including shipping & tax.

As always, we are excited for next month’s box!!!! Gobble Gobble!?!?
It’s so fun watching my guys’ (hubs and boy) open the Citrus Lane box every month! :)

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Citrus Lane Oct 2013citr

Full of Yummy Goodness! CitrusLane July ’13 Review

15 Jul

Full of fun, yummy, and cute goodies… yep, that’s what we received in our July Citrus Lane! box!

I took advantage of the option to add-an additional item to our box… a Zippered Wet/Dry bag by Bumkins.  We wanted to go for this since our babe has been going to swim lessons and this will be great to take with us to class!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s July 2013 box :

~ An ‘on-the-go’ by Zoli Travel Snack Dispenser:
This BPA and phthalae free on-the-go dispenser looks like a great item to bring along for baby’s snacks.
Dried food will fair best and with 4 different compartments I will have lots of options for baby! 🙂
Hey! I could even use an empty dispenser to mix up a bit of the included NutureMe baby food powder!

~ A pouch of NuturMe organic dried baby food! :
I already know I love this brand… I get their Organic Quinoa Cereal and add a few dashes of it to baby’s water.
I’ve been wanting to try out their other products and now’s our chance… We received Organic Bananas, Oatmeal, and Sweet Potatoes, which I promptly tucked away in the diaper bag to go with our Zoli on-the-go dispenser!
They even provided a $15 off code for our next order. Yep! I’ll be taking advantage of that!

~ A Melissa & Doug Toy! :
UH!!! We Love Melissa & Doug in our house… and we already have the Wiggling Worm Snake that was included in our box… which basically just made us feel like Super Fantastic parents for keeping on top of great toy options for baby!

~ A travel size set of California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash and Conditioner

~ Ten free Postagram photo postcards!! :
Cute little personalized photo postcards with perforation to punch out the little photo… great to mail to grandparents, aunties and uncles, or Hey! Just send yourself a few photos of your wee one to keep in your wallet!

~ Some Little Buddy Wipes :
These Fresh Cucumber & Tea Tree wipes by me4kidz are “alcohol & sting free antibacterial wipes.”
I’m funny, but I actually like the smell of Tea Tree and I’ve always loved the Cucumber sent… so I bet these smell pretty good! 🙂 Though, I’m going to pass on these since the EWG.org had a bit more info about the active ingredient.

If I were to have purchased all these items on my own I’d have spent about $38 not including shipping & tax and not including the added wet/dry bag, which was $14 and shipped in my box for free.
Whole deal delivered, shipping included, for much less and we got some fun stuff and great coupon codes!

In anticipation of August’s box!!!! Woot! :)

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Kai Citrus Lane July 2013

Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower! WOW… “Soooo Big!”

1 May

Already grandmothered in to the NYC & LA baby scenes… Big City Mom’s delivered their  Biggest Baby Shower to San Fransisco (SFO) on April 25th.

Their special brand of baby shower is truly a wonderful and helpful event for parents-to-be and parents with just-borns… AND good info (exhibitors and seminars) for parents with few month olds.

We knew we’d have our 6mth old in tow, so we opted for the Couple Super Pass, this would give us an extra 30mins at the beginning of the event before the larger crowd showed up AND we’d get a Free Britax Baby Carrier!

Really great exhibitors, that I’d been wanting to see in-person, were there!
Strollers, Play-yards, Baby Carriers, Highchairs, Baby Sitting Services, Baby Foods, and more!

Did you know Bugaboo just started an Andy Warhol Collection!? Beautiful!
Our little dude is an OrbitBaby himself (YES! They were there too!)… but seeing that Bugaboo collection in-person was quite tempting!

With Baby at the age to start eating solids, I was given tons of samples and tips from the awesome baby food companies on-hand…
Ella’s Kitchen, Plum Organics, Happy Baby and more.
Though I’ve been making baby food at home, it’s nice to have options for traveling, out & about, or a quick go-to…
I look forward to trying out these samples with baby!
THANK YOU awesome baby-food companies!

One of my favorite parts of the evening was getting to meet Dr. Alan Greene!!
He was on hand to give a seminar about baby feeding… So Interesting!
He loves babies and has learned tons about babies AND good, green food choices for babies!
He and his wife, graciously, let me and my baby sit down with them for a few minutes before his presentation to inquire about a couple things that had been concerning me. So Nice of them!
He’s a wonderfully, engaging speaker and has so much important insight… I highly recommend checking out his website and Facebook page… and attending a lecture if he’s gonna be in your area!!

We had to say Howdy to DaddyScrubs
’cause the hubs was a DaddyScrub wearin’ papa at the hospital!

I got to say THANKS for a great e-newsletter/blog to RedTricycle! I love them!
They had the cutest Red Flyer Tri in their booth… cute, cute, cute!!

We got to eat yummy catered food! Seriously… yummy catered food! Hmm 😉

Plus, we took away a BIG haul in goodies!
“Soooo Big”, as toddlers would say!
Samples, Samples, and Samples, A diaper bag, a nursing cover, a baby/pregnancy organizer, the Free Britax baby carrier, a car baby mirror, a Sage Spoonfuls food-saver cup, teething toys, onesies, lotions and potions, and much more!

Is it obvious yetl!?
The Biggest Baby Shower far exceeded our expectations!
If you have an event near you… we recommend you give it a go!

I’ll leave you with a series of photobooth pics we took of our wee family…  thanks to Pix C Booth!

pixcbooth April 2013 biggest baby shower