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Chinook Bookin’ : Fraiche Yogurt, Palo Alto

24 Feb

Last year, I read that Fraiche Yogurt was on the Top 10 list of Bay Area yogurt places… So, we headed over to their little Palo Alto store on Emerson… and indeed, it is very good… wonderful ‘fresh’ yogurt flavors AND amazingly wonderful and different toppings!

2012’s Chinook Book offered a “Buy One, Get one 50% Off” coupon… Yay! 🙂

We were at University Art (more on that in a later post!! Craftin’!) on Hamilton and I noticed that Fraiche had a big new store on the corner of Hamilton, nearby Reposado.

So excited to see the new digs… beautiful new store… and use our coupon! 🙂

I ordered a Natural and Pomegranate yogurt with Pomegranate seeds and Mochi pieces!
Dano ordered a Natural and Chocolate swirl with Figs and Ollieberry puree!
Mmmmm…. 🙂

Organic Frozen Yogurt with fun, fresh, funky toppings… Super Great and delicious!

Dano said “Oh, I like figs on this!” 🙂
OK… So I fibbed… I was the one whom ‘ordered’ Dano’s yogurt… hee hee!! Good thing he liked it!