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Mill Valley, Gem of a downtown! Bite into a Super Duper Burger!

22 Apr

I love garage and estate sales… Dano’s co-worker was hosting such this weekend in Mill Valley… at first I thought this was a neighborhood of San Francisco and was keen on going!
Did a little mapquesting and learned it was ACROSS the Golden Gate Bridge (GGB)… UGH! I was not prepped for that ‘drive’, nor paying the tolls! HA!

Turns out, we had such a nice day… one that begs for a Sunday Drive… so we decided to head out and take a little journey! So Very Glad we did!

Mill Valley is adorable and highly unique!

We missed our Estate Sale turn off by a good few miles… which gave us the chance to see that Mill Valley’s Downtown area was a place to head back to after scoping out the wares!

Got some fun and useful items at the Sale… then promptly declared… “We want burgers!” 😉
We were advised to try out Super Duper Burgers on Miller Ave. (there are a few locations in the city as well!)
Heck Yeah! Yummy Yum! Super Duper indeed!

This burger joint is run on 25% on solar!
Their packaging is 100% compostable!
They make their own HomeMade Pickles… ready for the taking! 
Their meat is from well know natural ranch, Niman Ranch.
Their ice cream & shakes are made with dairy from local  Straus Creamery.
(which is the brand I use at home for milk and cream… and egg nog!)

MMMM… After that nummy to the tummy lunch… we headed back out into Downtown Mill Valley!
So much more to see… little hidden pockets of goodies… great little stores… coffee shops… and Redwoods galore!
We even encountered a neighborhood overhung with really TALL redwood trees… cut down the middle of the grove with a wee creek! What a place to call home!

I’m certain that another Sunday Drive to Mill Valley is in our future!

OH! The GGB  Toll!?!?
Not bad! No toll headed North (out of SF)… and just $6 on the way back into the city! But, do have cash on hand!!
Side note : The bay was so fogged over that we couldn’t even see the arches of the bridge. However, that weather pattern did not follow us into Mill Valley!

Have fun!