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Babes in the Arts! CitrusLane December ’13 Review

8 Feb

Bean’s December Citrus Lane! box was a fun little package of an artsy project and learning artsy stuff! :)

Citrus Lane is a local Bay Area Peninsula company and I could not be more happy with their service!
Even though we’ve recently moved to Bend, I certainly look forward to our continued deliveries and brightening my baby’s (and my hubs’) faces with new toys every month! :)

Upon signing up, we provided age and gender of our little one and now receive a wonderful box of age-appropriate goodies every month!

Here’s a look inside Citrus Lane’s December 2013 box for a 14mth-ish old boy :

~ A Handprint Art Kit from Pearhead :
This little Handprint Kit was designed just for Citrus Lane, though it’s similar to this Cutesy Baby & Me Handprint set! This canvas has enough room to make an artsy little ‘family’ handprint piece. What’s even more cool is that if we make a mistake, we can just wet and blot off and start over! Bean has been very into art lately, I think this is right up his alley!

~ First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle by Melissa & Doug :
We have some great Melissa & Doug toys that Bean enjoys, so it was lovely to see one of their puzzles in this month’s box. Bean really does like this one too… it seems he enjoys trying to match the shapes to their puzzle places. The pieces have big knobs which are easy for him to pick up and the shapes have wonderfully bright colors that we play around with!

~ Another cute Barefoot Books Board Book :
Cleo in the Snow! Aha! So appropriate for our new town of Bend, Oregon. Pretty cute little books they publish!

~ Snuggly Lotion from Episencial :
Mmm… we like Baby Time! products, so it was nice to get another yummy (and new to us!) product to try out.
Snuggly lotion is light enough for daily use, is non-greasy, and has wonderful ingredients… avocado, primrose, flax oils to nourish delicate baby skin.

If I had purchased all these items individually… I’d have spent about $42, not including shipping & tax.
We, also, received great coupon codes for almost every company/item represented in the box!

As always, we are excited for Happy New Year’s box!!!!
It’s so fun watching my guys’ (hubs and boy) open the Citrus Lane box every month! :)

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Citrus Lane Dec 2013 015
Citrus Lane Dec 2013 005