| Why…?

Why SFO!?     Following my sister’s example, I like calling cities by their airport code… therefore, as SFO is the main airport into the Bay Area… we’ll be exploring where one can go when they fly into SFO (and out of SFO)! Of course, you can come visit us and the Bay Area via other airports…  just fly into SJC or OAK and your set!

Why Newb!?   This is the perfect term to use for my new blog – three-fold!… It has become popular by gamers and the video game industry… It indicates a person who is new to an activity and wants to learn and get better… 1) I’m a gamer and my hubby works in the industry, so Newb means a lot to us! 2) We are Newbs to the Bay Area! and Lastly, 3) I’m a Newb to blogging!

Enjoy! Relish in the adventures that myself, my husband, and our two doggies take on our new life we find ourselves living.

Recommend!?!     If you have somewhere you’d like us to visit, eat, see… Let us know! We are totally game!


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    […] Here is it… my new blog for our new town… following my ‘first blog ever’ from our previous town in the Bay Area! […]

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