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Adventurin’ : Ghiradelli Square & Kara’s Cupcakes

16 Sep

Out having a lovely dinner with friends for Dano’s birthday… we take an impromptu trip to Ghiradelli Square for desserts, but of course!!

Dano and I have been there before, when we were newly dating! It was so fun to go back there and see the beautiful changes that have taken place in the Square… as I write this, I realize it’s also a nice reflection of the beautiful changes that have taken place in mine and Dano’s relationship!!

This was a fun visit to the Sqaure… (check out the 4 images in slide show below)
~ They now have a Kara’s Cupcakes , which sells a few varieties of Gluten-Free cups! Yum!
When I saw the store, I said “Yay!” like a little girl & our friends thought that was so funny! ๐Ÿ™‚
(See the pic below to see the cupcakes starting to have a little bit of fun with each other ๐Ÿ˜‰

~ I got to eat a gigantic chocolate bar… well… not really… but pretending was very, very fun!

~ We, also, got to take a peek at some original chocolate making machinery!! So fascinating!

Ghiradelli Square is obviously a Must-See when visiting San Francisco! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sunday Drivin’ : Cloud Hugs Mountain

11 Sep

One of the cool views we get by living on the sunny side of the Bay Area’s south Peninsula are these great clouds that come creeping over the hills to the West that separate us from the Coastside (as the Coast is known locally).

It makes me sad to think that we no longer live within 2miles of a Sunny Beach… now it’s about 19miles away to a consistent ‘marine layer’ beach… so when I see these clouds I know that we are ‘missing out’ on that crazy cloudy and humid weather over on the coast. Those same clouds hugging the hills are en masse over the coastside, sometimes all day long!

~ Up Close & Personal ~
Whoops… upon driving home on the Sunday of our first Flash Mob in the city… we missed our junction to get back to the 101 to take us home.

What do you know…? We got up close and personal with those hills that ride along with the 280…

There were deliciously lovely ‘cloud hands’ hanging all over the hills… such a wonderful sight.

Beautifully sunny with low hanging clouds creeping over the hills… it’s a somewhat acceptable substitute to driving down So. Cal’s 101 and glancing out over the waves coming in!

Eatin’ Out : Refuge, San Carlos

3 Sep


When someone says “Let’s go have pastrami.” I stick out my tongue and make the ‘gross’ face… I do not like pastrami!

So… when our friend mentioned Refuge to us for an impromptu dinner, I immediately said “Do they have salads?” (I’m gluten-free and certainly didn’t want a pastrami sandwich – ack!)

His response!? “Yes, they have a great pastrami salad!”

Double Ack! Ha ha ha ha ha!

So, we get there… pretty cute, ‘urban-like’ place and really hoppin’ for Thursday at about 8pm.

I decide my hubby and I are going to share a salad (so that he can eat all the nasty pastrami.)

We get our salad… the pastrami actually looks yummy… but looks aren’t everything…

I take a wee little bite… YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking awesome good pastrami!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I quickly ask my husband, “So, are you gonna order a sandwich for yourselfย  then? Because the salad is all mine, baby!” ๐Ÿ™‚

The food is good, but spendy!
They also close kinda’ early too… but we are in the ‘burbs not in the City.

The Pot D’ Creme desserts come in Chocolate and Butterscotch…
they are both nice and creamy… though we’ve had better Chocolate Pot D’ Creme at Ruth’s Chris a few years ago.

Bonus : We spotted Rubeus Hagrid! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Photo : In the background in the booth…